Do we pass or get job by learning Gita?

NO. A job is not assured even after graduating, doing post-graduation and so on. The purpose of learning Gita is not to get a job.  Only if you study you will get marks.  Only if you pass you will be placed on job. In that process even if you fail or you get one or two marks less than you expected, you will not commit suicide if you have the wisdom of Gita.



The benefit of learning Gita is how to do the job properly and efficiently in a relaxed way. All with a smile. Then success shall be yours.




Gita is for the old and dead. Not for us


This is another misconception people usually have about Gita. First of all, let us look at whom was Gita told to – Arjuna. Arjuna who wanted to achieve something in life, for which he had been preparing all along his life. Gita was given to him and not for an old person. Gita was given to a person who wanted to achieve something in life and was ready to act for it. So, it is not for the old. Upon learning Gita properly, we will understand that it is extremely useful in our day to day life.

Gita is not an old Sanskrit text that you need to by-heart and read. It is a set of values, principles and instructions which when followed, one becomes successful in life.

You may have great dreams and passion in life that you want to achieve. In the process you would have to face many difficulties. People who supported you might turn against you. The friends might turn as enemies. You might lose all your wealth or meet with an accident, even worse lose your  health completely. In life, when these situations arise, how will we pursue your goal? What are the things to keep in mind to still pursue that passion? These are the subjects of discussion in Gita.

Old man Drutarashtra also heard Gita, nothing happened to him. His sorrow was not removed. For Arjuna, he could remove the sorrow and ultimately became victorious.

You argue it’s for the dead? NO way. They cant hear anything, they are dead. It will not help them at all. Gita is for the one who is living, not for the dead.  Spiritual knowledge is only for the living. Whatever you cannot achieve when you are alive, you cannot achieve after your death. Sastras is very clear on that.

When our breath stops, and desire remains, that is Death….
When our desires stops  and breath remains, that is Moksha” !!!

Why should we learn Gita which is an old textbook?

Bhagavad Gita  is not a textbook. Even though it is printed and published by Sage Vyasa, it deals with the eternal values one must have in life – certain do’s and don’ts. It is an instruction manual for all human beings. It teaches us how to deal with the objects of the world and people, its nature and limitations.


When we buy a new machine, we always get an instruction manual which describes what all it can do, how to operate it, under what conditions it will operate in an effective way, etc. If we do not follow these instructions, it can even damage the machine. Similarly, Gita is the manual for living. Human body and mind are the apparatus given to us. We must know what is mind and what is body and we should also know how to operate them to utilize it in the most effective way to reach the highest in life. Gita teaches us how to live in this world which is filled with challenges and diametrically opposite situations of life like  victory – failure, loss – gain, pain – pleasure, birth – death. In such a situation, how do we live peacefully and lead a happy life? Gita deals with this subject.

Gita is not old. It’s fresh. By learning Gita, we will be able to handle all the situations of life in a better way. Face and handle them – all with a smile.

How to be Happy in life; Gita is the way

Human beings want to be happy as long as they are alive. Even after death we want to be happy. Gita deals with the subject of what is happiness, how to remain happy even in the midst of challenging situations. Like we use google maps (gps) to reach a destination, if we have Gita Practising System (GPS) we will be able to reach the destination easily. Gita is like a road map of happiness.


Arjuna was not happy in doing his duty as a warrior. He realised that even if he gets the kingdom without any enemy and without any borders, or even the kingship of heavens, that will not make him happy. Irrespective of the preparations for the war all throughout his life he realises that it is not the goal of his life. That was his question. “How can we be happy killing my own people? (कथम् सुखिनः स्याम माधव ?)  Oh Lord please show me the path to permanent happiness. I seek your help. Please guide me” (यत् निश्चितं श्रेयः स्यात्, तत् मे ब्रूहि । अहं ते शिष्यः । त्वं प्रपन्नं मां शाधि ।).

Arjuna understood that by his action he was neither happy then nor will he be happy in the future. In the past also the Pandavas had had only sufferings. So how to be happy was his question. Hence Sri Krishna’s answer is in those lines. The answer to finding permanent happiness is the Bhagavad Gita.

Gita Mahotsav at Kurushetra – Gita Jayanthi 2016

The State Government of Haryana has invited Gitamritam to participate in a Mahotsava being held at Kurushetra in connection with Gita Jayanthi 2016. Eight students of Gitamritam will be presenting papers on various topics at the International Seminar.  Gitamritam also will have a stall, run various Gita games during the occasion.




A number of cultural performances, art shows, literary events and festivities will mark the celebrations up to December 10th. Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams and US politician Tulsi Gabbard will also speak at the International Seminar on the relevance of Bhagavad Gita in modern life to be held on the campus of Kurukshetra University.

18,000 students from all over Haryana will recite the slokas of the Gita at the inaugural function being held at the sacred Brahma Sarovar in Kurukshetra.

During the event, as many as 574 young men and women, each embodying one sloka spoken by Lord Krishna, will converge at Kurukshetra from different cities across the country.

Kuruskhetra is in Haryana where Bhagavad Gita was told to Arjuna by Sri Krishna, is 170 KM, just 3.5 hrs away from New Delhi.