What they say about Gitamritam – video testimonials

The participants and the guest speakers of Gitamritam share their heart

 If the youths are taught Gita like this, India will become ViswaGuru
(Dr Ramavtar Sharma, Ex-Assistant Director Income Tax Department, Haryana has been doing the research in The Journey of Sri Rama. Travelling by foot and bicycle, from Ayodhya to Rameswaram, Ramavtar Sharma has geo-mapped Sri Rama’s journey as described by Valmiki, which took only 37 years!)

How Bhagavad Gita is part of our life in Gitamritam – Anjali Menon, Film director:

Finding Gita in swimming pool and everywhere in Gitamritam
Akhilesh Matti Rajakyla, Olympian, Swimming Champion from Finland

What do we all want in life? Bhagavad Gita has the answer.
Meera Rameh, an engineering student suggests Bhagavad Gita for finding answers to questions in life most of us have

Explore Gita and understand it in an applicable way: Shankaran Kumaran

Happiness lies within me, irrespective of my action and my achievement  – Thalla Laxmi Thrylokya, Engineering student, Amrita University

Learning Gita in the context of life
Gitamritam is helping one to learn Gita in the context of their life. -Sundari Nanda, IPS, Director, Anti Corruption Bureau (Mizoram)

Gita has completely changed my mindset
“In the middle of the world, where there are so many problems and never-ending sorrows, trying to search for joy and peace, wherein Gitamritam the teaching of Bhagavad Gita has enlightened me to choose that nothing in the world can give me absolute pain or joy and everything is subjected to change and deterioration, even the problems of my life. Here in Gitamritam, the teaching of Bhagavad Gita has completely changed my mindset and approach towards my life and real-life challenges and how to tackle them. Thank you so much to Gitamritam and to Lord Sri Krishna.” -Kinger Yash, Engineering student, Amrita University.

The importance of Gita & Gitamritam
Vidyasagar Gurumoorthi talks about the importance of Gita, learning the original text which will help to understand the truth properly. Gita is the book for the future and how it is being implemented in the camp of Gitamritam (Malayalam)

Do you wish to attain happiness? : Priyanka