Learning Gita
Over the course of this camp, Br. Dhyanamrita – disciple of Amma – will give the class on Bhagavad Gita daily. This involves, training the children to chant, helping them to understand the meaning, concept and various ways to apply these lessons they learnt in their lives. Through the classes the participants are expected to develop a basic understanding about the Gita in general and specific knowledge of that particular chapter taken during the course. It is our hope that they will appreciate its importance and incorporate these core values in life to achieve success and be happy throughout their life.
The classes are taken in the light of Amma’s life and teachings. Amma who is our Satguru says “The Gita is not teaching us to worship a God who resides up in the sky on a golden throne, nor to strive to get into heaven after we die. Gita helps in understanding ‘How to experience peace and happiness right now, right here?’ Gita helps us to realise our true Self.” and she further goes on saying that “Learning Gita is to become like Sri Krishna.”.
Gita class are in English, simple and straight forward. Swami uses simple anecdotes, day to day examples and stories to explain the subtle points of course with filled with jokes. He makes us think. Even if you don’t know Sanskrit it’s not a problem. Knowing Sanskrit is always and advantage to learn in dept.

Get a Vision and take up a Mission…

…B Healthy, Be Happy, Be Helpful


Creative quotes from Bhagavad Gita

Yoga means being cool always. – Sri Krishna


My devotee hates no one, Loves everyone. – Sri Krishna


If you’re always happy and smiling, you are my devotee. – Sri Krishna


Don’t care for anything, care for everyone. – Sri Krishna