Gita Haiku: Creative poems based on Bhagavad Gita

#GitaHaiku is a creative idea to translate Gita stances/ideas into poetry.
Haiku is a 5-7-5 syllable, 3 line poem.
The 3rd line is a jump in the idea from the other two lines; its a kind of meditation.
Gitamritam students are trying the ideas of Gita in Hiku here.
Refresh the page to get new set of Haiku. Hope you enjoy.
If you have one, share them to our twitter a/c @gitamrutam with a hashtag #GitaHaiku


Unborn I manifest,
The essence of everyone;
Everything I am.

Gita Song

Wiping the tears,
Krishna sings without the flute;
Making Arjuna smile.

Complete & Now

Nothing is lacking,
The whole world belongs to you;
Rejoice in the now.

Bhagavad Gita

for a confused mind,
to face the war of our life;
need the song of our Lord.


Body is a tool,
controlled by the unthinkable;
he is called the God.

Mind tool

Conquer to befriend,
or give in to get betrayed;
to whom we call ‘mind’.

Karma Yoga

act without worry,
not colour cloths and practices;
sannyasa is fire.

Self & Roles

man becomes a husband,
suffering and he divorced
is happy again

Play of Life

atma choose to jeeva,
joy and sorrow, win and lose;
renounced to be atma again.


Love is not sought,
love is a feel, not a deal;
the sun shines ever.

Mother Gita

leaving their mothers,
children come to learn Gita;
the mother of all.


everything happens in it,
it’s Brahman, it’s you and me;
nothing happens to it.


believe in yourself,
you need not convince others;
thus, be content now.


fruits of all action;


bliss within,
the fool wonders;
where it hides.


sitting beneath you,
serving, asking questions, knows;
that i am you.

My Life

Far away from the war,
in everyday life of you and I;
Gita lives on, eternal.


hearing arjuna’s state,
i feel pity, without realizing;
i am him.


heat and cold,
the atman remains;
in untouched glory.


going to war,
no one to fight;
but myself.