Gitamritam: What is it?

Gitamritam is a residential Gita camp conducted for youths to learn the Bhagavad Gita in a creative way. It is organized at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham with the blessings of Amma, Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.
If we incorporate Bhagavad Gita’s core values – Love and Compassion – we can achieve peace and happiness in our daily lives. For success in life, understanding and embracing the teachings of the Gita is inevitable. Bhagavad Gita is not just a textbook, nor is it just for old people or for those retired from life; it is also for the young and dynamic who want to achieve and bring a change in their lives. Gita is not life-negating. Rather, it is life-embracing, and its relevance today has grown even greater.

Gita for Success

The main purpose of the camp is to make the youths aware of the glory of Bhagavad Gita, its message and the necessity of imbibing and practising its teachings in order to achieve success in life. Our motto is पठतु गीतां भवतु जेता | Learn Gita, Be Successful.

पठतु गीतां भवतु जेता | Learn Gita, Be Successful
We teach the Bhagavad Gita in a way which makes it easy to understand the concepts, learn the techniques, experience the wisdom in a practical way, in line with tradition.  We help you understand when and where to apply the teachings contained within Gita in your daily lives. By the end of the camp, we expect the participants to be able to recite the chapter and explain the meaning of each of its slokas. In each camp, the participants are taught one of chapter’s of the Gita in its entirety.

My Life, My Passion

During the camp, eminent guest speakers, from different walks of life, give lectures regarding how they have been to attain their various goals in life, speaking about their dedication towards their goal, love for their goal, the obstacles they faced and how they managed to overcome them. Listen to real-life stories from these personalities on… “how they achieved.”

Workshops: experimental and experiential

There will also be a series of workshops on how to develop concentration & awareness and how to be creative. Learn to overcome fear & be adventurous.
Learn about life skills and how to apply the principles learned from the Gita class.
Over the course of these camps, the participants are expected to develop a basic understanding about the Gita, its importance and the core values it inculcates. It is our hope that they will incorporate these values into their lives, achieve success and be happy in life.

Sri Krishna’s eye

Our logo

It’s the mystic eye of Sri Krishna. Hence it’s blue.
Blue is the symbol of infinity and Love unconditional.
Bhagavan is incomprehensible, hence only half of his tilak is here.
Tilak is the symbol of our culture, sacrifice and service.
Eyes are two, but the vision is one. Hence one eye.
What we need to imbibe from Gita is The Vision,
The vision of Unity which was given to Arjuna by Sri Krishna.

Different Camps

Since 2012 we have been running Gitamritam residential camps for various age categories every year.
The categories are:
Gitamritam Bala – age 13-15 – 7-day camp

Gitamritam Yuva – age 18-23 – 7-day camp

Gitamritam Kalyan – under 35 years of age + within 6 years of marriage – 5-day camp

Gitamritam Nipun – for working professionals, under 35 years of age  – 3 day camp

Gitamritam Samartha –  those who attended at least any two camps (Bala/Yuva/Kalyan)  and want to take Gita to the society – 5-day camp

Gitamritam Mananam – only for those who attended any Bala/Yuva/Kalyan camps, to dive deep into Gita, to stay and interact with a Sthitapranja – 5-day camp

Gita Vani– weekly one-hour online-class on Gita, listen and interact live – (only for those who attended at least one of the above camps.)

Gita Yatra – visit cultural and spiritual places of this country, learn the history/culture and religious/spiritual practices of those places with a new perspective in the light of Gita – 1-2 day. (only for those who attended Gitamritam camps).

#GitaChallenge – is an awareness challenging program to chant any sloka from the Gita with its meaning and then post it on social media thus discovering the ‘life embracing ‘ nature of Bhagavad Gita.

This is our slogan is:
सुखीभव स्वस्थोभव सहयकोभव |
 Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Helpful

Come, join for the next camp. Let’s celebrate our life!!