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Gitamritam Kalyan is a Bhagavad Gita learning camp for couples designed in a creative way. The couples within 6 years of their marriage /under 35 years are participating in this camp. This 4-days camp happened in Amrita University’s Coimbatore Campus in 2017. By going through the videos you will get a glimpse of the camp.

Gitamritam 46 – How to transform your sorrows

Dhyanji introduces the Bhagavad Gita to the Gitamritam Kalyan couples with the first chapter, Vishadayoga – the yoga of depression. Human life is laden with sorrows. Our actions are driven by what brings us happiness and extinguishes sorrow. Thus the relevance of Gita to all aspects of life starts in this very first chapter.
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Gitamritam 47 – Importance of Mutual Importance & Blind trust for becoming better couples

The Gitamritam couples play a game of blindfold where they have to “blindly” trust their partner in order to win. The game, intertwined with teachings in the Bhagavad Gita, allowed the couples to proactively understand and apply the things learned in the class and group discussions. Only when the couples work together can they as a unit achieve their goal.
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Gitamritam 48 – Ayurveda – a healthy lifestyle for a better family life

This inspiring couples, Dr. Mehul Acharya and Dr. Jigjnasa Acharya, explains the importance of “Ayurveda” as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Having discipline and routine in our daily life, following a timetable, waking up early, are all some of the many practices and traditions followed by our ancestors and should be continued and passed down to future generations.
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Gitamritam 49 – Goal in Life is not the Goal of Life | How to overcome sorrow?

Every joy and every sorrow is an opportunity for us to turn to God. Sorrow is an invitation to God as it gives us clarity when we reflect upon our pain. When we search for happiness in ‘the goals in life’ instead of  ‘the goal of life’, we may be disappointed. We should simply adjust ourselves and refocus on the goal of life.
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Gitamritam 50 – Roles reversed, become a role model

The couples in Gitamritam Kalyan have a fun time as they play the roles of their spouses. Here, the husbands enter the kitchen with the task of preparing a lunch menu for their wives. In the meantime, the wives learn to change the tires of a car. With the typical roles reversed, the couples appreciate the responsibilities of their partners.
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Gitamritam 51- Understanding one another is necessary to cultivate love

Husbands should understand the pain wives go through in cooking and cleaning. Wives should understand the pain husbands go through in changing tires and bulbs. Only when the husband and wife understand each other can they love one another fully and be one. This exercise gave the couples in Gitamritam Kalyan an opportunity to experience and understand each other’s responsibilities.
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Gitamritam 52 – Attitude is everything, Every action is an opportunity to worship God

Every action of ours is an opportunity to worship God. From getting dressed to walking to work, we can choose to see God with us. This attitude can help us turn any sorrow to happiness. Dhyanji explains this with an example from Amma’s early life.
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Gitamritam 53 – Joint family system helps the children to lead a joyful life 

Dr. Mehul Acharya and Dr. Jigjnasa Acharya, who run their own Gurukula, stress on the relevance of the Gurukula system as the students there are taught what they want and not we want. The joint family system helps the children to be taught how to lead a joyful life from a very young age. The modern generation needs a combined understanding of traditional knowledge along modern technology to lead a fruitful life.
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Gitamritam 54 – how to find a balance between the traditional way of life and the modern lifestyle

Dr Mehul Acharya and Dr Jigjnasa Acharya in a Q&A session – about bringing up children in this modern society where knowledge of scriptures are constantly questioned. When asked how to respond to several “why’s” on our traditions and practices, Dr Mehul Acharya responds on how to find a balance between the traditional way of life and the modern lifestyle. He explains the need to tackle such questions with answers that are creatively packaged for the current generation.
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Gitamritam 55 – Importance of spirituality in married life

Prof Balakrishnan and Smt Preeti Balakrishnan, a professional soft skill trainer and homemaker. This couple elucidated the importance of spirituality in married life and clearer the doubts of the wives in the group in a Q&A session. Spirituality is important to lead a family life of content, love and mutual respect. Synergy in marriage helps the couple understand each other through right communication, receptivity, listening and acknowledging.
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Gitamritam 56 – From Better Half to the Best Half | adventurous trekking

The wives of the Gitamritam Kalyan camp continue the Q&A session with Prof Balakrishnan and Smt Preeti Balakrishnan. The speaker introduces the concept of social intelligence and having deep-rooted relationships where values guide the couples. The couples then have an adventurous time trekking. The activity brings out the importance of self-confidence and the need for mutual help to move forward in life.
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Gitamritam 57 – Marriage mantra: 1+1=1

Life after marriage is not as easy as two individuals come together. But they should come together not as two, but as one. Through the Gitamritam Kalyan camp, the newlywed couples learn the Gita, participate in fun activities, and interact with other couples who have decades of a happy married life. They can then continue their learning of Gita and apply whatever knowledge they have gained when they return to their routine lifestyle. Couples interested in leading a spiritual family life and learning Bhagavad Gita are encouraged to participate in the Gitamritam Kalyan.
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Gitamritam 58 – The key of Happiness must be in your control
On the last day of Gitamritam Kalyan, Dhyanji teaches and explains the Bhagavad Gita Slokha 12.6. Happiness does not lie in anyone or anything. There is no need to worry as every trouble has a solution. A spiritual aspirant convinced of this will have the clarity to solve any problems gracefully. Dhyanji narrates a beautiful story of Amma during the time when of the tsunami which exemplifies the quality described in this verse.
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Gitamritam 59 – Gita welds the couple in blissful matrimony with patience, love and forgiveness

The Gitamritam Kalyan guest speakers – Shri Sreevalsan and Smt Preeti Sreevalsan. This couple shared their experiences about their married life. It is always important to imbibe the good qualities of your partner and married life should never be seen as a compromise. We always look up to our parents to learn about leading a successful married life. It is always important to be a good listener to manage difficult situations positively. As Amma says patience, love and forgiveness are the key ingredients of a successful married life.
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Gitamritam 60 – Gita – The manual for a successful life; Gitamritam – a holistic Gita camp

Smt Jayashree Menon, Income Tax Officer, interacts with the Gitamritam team as she shares her experience about spearheading various camps – Bala, Yuva and Kalyan. The study of Bhagavad Gita not only makes one happy but also creates an endless ripple of happiness all around. The study and understanding of the Gita must begin from a very young age which would help in transforming the youngsters into successful citizens.
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Gitamritam – the creative learning of Bhagavad Gita  01 – 60 episodes
Modern education provides a job, money, fame…but not peace of mind. It does not teach how to deal with life. We can be happy only if we know how to live life with all its ups and downs. And it’s not only adults who have problems these days…ask the kids! Problems existed centuries ago too. Arjuna consulted Lord Krishna when faced with a terrible dilemma – the Gita was the Lord’s answer on how to do it with a smile…..Lord Krishna did it all the time! Amma says “Learning the Gita to become like Sri Krishna”. (ഗീത പഠിക്കുന്നത് കൃഷ്ണനാകാനാണ് ) The Gita is indeed a guide to everyday life.