Short stories

Imbibing Gita ideas, Gitamritam students write short stories within 4 lines max!

I am Love
Once a girl came to me and said: “I love you so much”.
I smiled and said “Yes, I too love myself so much. I am love. Thank you “. And the girl disappeared.
~ Vasudevan

Father, Mother & Me
My Father, Avyay, the nature of the Atman, which is changeless. My mother, Maya, the nature of the world which is changing.
By learning Gita I want to be able to discriminate between the changing and the changeless so that I become Amritha-being one with the eternal.
~ Amritha Avyay

Successful Proposal
After a series of catastrophic love proposals, I finally  proposed ‘Life’, only to discover that she had been proposing me since I was born.
~ Amokh Ravi

“Everyone goes with the flow, but the one who goes against it becomes someone remarkable” I have heard this.
Before I could explain this to the traffic police, the officer issued me a fine.
~ Anonymous

Their love was different.
She was happy every time he kicked her in the stomach.
Every time he kicked, she loved him more.
She waited for the time she would hold her baby for the first time.
~ Anonymous

God in Me
Oh God, It is said that you live in me. So in a way, I am home for you. If it is true, then I request you to keep your home neat and clean as I can’t do this anymore.
~ Anonymous

these thoughts were bothering me: “I am nobody, such a small creature, what can I do, I am good for nothing”. But the invisible virus has locked down the life and activities of men all around the world. Microcosm has the same potential of the macrocosm, the power of the invisible is beyond the visible. I am inspired, I am done.
~ Anonymous