Short stories

Imbibing Gita ideas, Gitamritam students write short stories within 4 lines max! I am LoveOnce a girl came to me and said: “I love you so much”. I smiled and said “Yes, I too love myself so much. I am love. Thank you “. And the girl disappeared.~ Vasudevan Father, Mother & MeMy Father, Avyay, […]

2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Shraddha workshop: invoking the innocence, controlling the mind

Breathing controls the mind. FeedbackGave me confidence and courage. – S.Prem Santhosh The Shradha workshop was really cool because we learnt more about our body and the way our minds work. The things we learnt from this workshop is simple but yet, extremely important. I really enjoyed the games and the way it was connected […]