2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Shraddha workshop: invoking the innocence, controlling the mind

Breathing controls the mind.

Gave me confidence and courage. – S.Prem Santhosh

The Shradha workshop was really cool because we learnt more about our body and the way our minds work. The things we learnt from this workshop is simple but yet, extremely important. I really enjoyed the games and the way it was connected to our mind. – Rishika Rajkumar

Due to this Gita camp, I was able to know about shraddha. Shraddha is one of the most important concepts. If we add the concept of shraddha in our life, our life would be better – J.S Nandhitha Sree

The workshops were really interesting as it was based on testing our internal expressions and feelings like innocence, blindness etc and breathing techniques were tested which provoked a lot of interest. – K.Adhithy

Now whatever I am doing I have the knowledge ‘for what I am doing and why’ and the only answer is TO BE HAPPY AND SMILING!! – K.S.Amrita

Shradha was very very awesome with Manojji, Shankarji, and was really beyond our expectation and imagination with wonderful games. – G. Sathiyapriya

Shradha is the most important thing that everybody should have. – Sangeetha.M.T

I like shraddha games. We knew how blind people feel. – S.Sabarinath

I learned to concentrate on these activities. This helped me as I used to lose concentration. – K.S.Megha

I learned that we should be together always, to have faith, confidence and a lot more. – S.Aishwarya

It is very helpful and keeps us away from laziness. – Srinivasa Raghavan S

The event was interesting. We learned about several things in our daily life. We learned how to be happy even with the simplest of the things. We learned to control our minds, about prana, and how to control it. We learned about the hardships faced by blind people. So the workshops were really useful. And we really enjoyed it. – Srinath. S

This session is really going to change my life. – Ajay Sarma

5 gateways of Knowledge

In shraddha I learned three things:
1)I learned how blind people will feel and what are their feelings.
2)We got to know what is the importance of innocence.
3)We were taught how to control our breathing.
All these sessions had a very great impact on me. – Amrutha Ramakrishna

Shraddha is faith. It is also enquiry, innocence, love, and awareness. We need to have intense faith in God without any doubt as God always alerts us by giving an obstacle for a particular work if the path of reaching it was wrong. If we have faith in ourselves, we surely can succeed – “nambikkai dhaan vaazhkai” (as we say in Tamil). – K.Jayapreethi

Very interesting and lots of learning lessons and games related to the human body and mind.
– Amrtya Rajkumar

Shradha was a very fun and exciting class in which we learned more about focus and concentration. We learned about three koshas, Annamaya kosha, Pranamaya kosha and Manomaya kosha through a series of different interesting activities. We learned about how people feel during these different levels of happiness. – Madhav Govind

Before attending this camp I could not focus my mind on a particular thing but with the help of Gita, I understood shraddha fulfils my work. – K Gayathri

Concentration, focus, and awareness lead to shraddha. – S. Sree Sakthi

It is the practicals of the camp. – Deepak Kumar

All three dimensions of Shradha were extremely interesting. Usually, people give long speeches and dry activities for such concepts, but this was unique. I realized about our innocence, our breathing pattern and how powerful our mind can be if we are able to train them properly. – Chitkala S

Taught us Concentration and focus, being creative, innocent, and honest. – Divyadayanand

We learned many inexplicable things from the shraddha workshop. It was really an exciting workshop. – Varija V

recovering innocence

The workshop on Shradha was so cool and interesting too. It had many things to work with. – P. Anandh Krishna

We came to know about concentration, innocence and we came to know about the feelings of a visually challenged person. So they tied our eyes and we were asked to reach one goal. That time I came to know about their feelings. So that was a great experience for me.
– Anoosha M. Bhadauria

The Shraddha workshop really made me aware of how important all of our senses are. I learnt about breath control and also about teamwork. The highlight, of course, was tearing the newspaper and having more fun than I can remember in a long time. – Vaishnavi G

In the section of shraddha workshop, we were enjoying ourselves. We realized that love and innocence are the essences of our life. – Athmika Prajesh

We played games and we enjoyed it and learnt about happiness due to innocence, controlling the breath to control the anger and the struggle in the lives of the blind.
– Shantanu Sriranjan.B

We learnt to increase our attention, concentration and faith. – Akash P Rajan

Shradha is all about how to increase our concentration. Here we also got to know more about the difficulties faced by the blind people. The sessions also helped us to control our brain by making us walk according to our breath that is, controlling our breath as well as walk. – Rahul. C. M

I expected it to be a boring session but it was one of the most memorable sessions in my life. – Ramakrishnan PS

It helped us to take anything easy and taught us that if we have shradha we can get victory in our life. – P.Surat Kumar

We understood the difficulty of blind people, flow of breath in our body and our mental activities. Thank you. – R.Saranya