Participate in #GitaChallenge for Gita Jayanti 2019

Hari OM! Namah Shivaya. Om Namo Narayanaya!

It is common for us to celebrate birthdays as our special day. Our friends and family come together and shower us with attention and love.

Taking the spirit of this concept forward, let us create a difference by celebrating the birthday of a book – Bhagavad Gita – from now on. Bhagavad Gita, which was revealed to Arjuna by Sri Krishna Himself in the battlefield of Kurukshetra (in present-day Haryana state, 200 km west of New Delhi) on the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, the 11th day of the waxing moon of Margashirsha month (Dhanu) of the Hindu calendar.

This conversation was heard by Sanjaya, who had been blessed by Veda Vyasa, with the power to remotely view (Jnana Chakshu) the events taking place on the battlefield as it happened. Sanjaya narrated this conversation to the blind King Dhritarashtra on the 10th day of the Mahabharata war which is when the world knew about it.
This year’s Gita Jayanthi falls on the 8th of December and she turns 5156 years!!

On the occasion of ‘Gita Jayanthi’ let us all come together and spread the awareness of ‘Gita for Life’ by being a part of ‘#GitaChallenge’ and participate in this with a spirit of spreading the happiness beyond the boundaries by widening the knowledge about Bhagavad Gita.

How to participate in #GitaChallenge?
Participation in this challenge is open to all; young kids to elders all across the globe are welcome.

Challenge Type1. Pick up any one sloka of your liking from the 700 slokas across 18 chapters of Gita. Chant the sloka and say its meaning.

Challenge Type2. Along with the chanting of the sloka and its meaning, if you can share your experience of how that particular sloka has helped/ guided/ transformed you in your life, by narrating the actual situation or problem. It should not be more than 3 minutes.

Challenge Type3. There are many people who may not have social media accounts but have been practising Gita in their lives. You can request them to chant and share their experience and record them in their workplace background to upload with #GitaChallenge hashtag. You may be surprised to find such people very near to you (such as paan-waala, cycle-waala, tea shops vendors, or may-be your own grandmother or grandfather).

Challenge Type4. If you would like to create any artwork related to Gita you may also post it with #GitaChallenge. You may also post Gita sloka with its meaning and how it has made an impact on your life.

This challenge can be accepted by uploading your content in Video format and post it on social media –like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. – with the hashtag #GitaChallenge.
You can tag your friends and ask them to take up the challenge. They can be of any age, from any country and in any language.

You also can talk to your school/college authorities, culture departments etc. and request them to help take up the challenge.


Why #GitaChallenge?

The intention behind this challenge is to bring out the relevance of Bhagavad Gita in our daily life where we can connect the slokas to specific instances in our personal, professional or social life. On this special day (Gita Jayanthi) let us remember and cherish this great scripture containing the secret solutions to the ultimate goal of our lives – Happiness. Let us appreciate the beauty of this scripture for being beyond time and space; one can embrace it. Gita has transformed many lives over the ages. Let the ones who were transformed, share with the world, how it can transform anyone.


When should I start?
You can take up the #GitaChallenge right away and prepare the videos and post it. Retweet others posts or share again their submissions. Let us not miss this opportunity in challenging people who love, learn and live Gita in their day-to-day life.

Hari Om Tat Sat.

Watch some interesting videos from our students.

Grab life by the horns: Prasad Deole

The session by Mr Prasad Deole, an adventure tourism entrepreneur on ‘My work, My Life’ was an exhilarating account of a journey of success.

The session was truly an electrifying experience, testified the camp participants unanimously. According to Gayathri, the experience was like ‘’Being in a lab with a professor to see demonstrations of Gita’s applications in real life.’’ As Prasad Deole illustrated Gita concepts with examples from his own life, participants became hooked to his speech and found the unique concept of GPRS -(goal-plan-role-start it) a blueprint for a successful life. With ‘mind-blowing’ answers to almost all questions thrown at him, the articulate Mr Deole became ‘’a role model for the audience to apply Gita in their professional lives in every way possible.’’

The essence of the session was the importance of discovering your passion as early as possible and pursuing it with all your energy, observed participant Arpit Agrawal. Enjoying work as if it were a game was an invaluable pearl of wisdom and the session also taught him to be shameless in pursuing his goal, he went onto say.

For Rohith T, the session taught him to be perfect in a way that he doesn’t have to run behind the duties anymore. The duties began to run after him instead, he remarked.

When you take life as a game, it becomes easy to take a risk, said Shakthi Subramanian. He went onto say that ‘’The session was such a powerful experience which encouraged me to think of starting a company’’. For participant Subhilash, the session was a thought-provoking experience and he considered Deole a man who lives Gita in the modern era, setting a memorable example for everyone else.

How to put the principles of Gita into practice in work life was the key takeaway of the session for many. Dhanush was one among those who found the Gita to be a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and a valuable handbook for life. Knowledge from the ancient scriptures that stood the test of time, it liberated many participants from ‘Maya’ and enabled them to look at life with a neutral point of view. It was the case of Praveen Raja P who said that the session has given him a pair of brand new eyes to look at life with a new perspective. ‘’I felt like as if a veil was lifted off my eyes. Now I realize that I had been looking at life with a very narrow point of view.’’

The value of failure as a learning experience, it was a unique insight for me, said Abhishek Ahuja. But the true eye-opener was the realization that ‘Life is too short to waste time on worrying about anything’, he continued, ‘That wisdom enabled me to take life as a game, which is to be enjoyed every moment.’ The session was a truly enriching experience for him, said Ahuja.

The ability to look at life objectively was a great insight everyone learned from Mr Deole’s session. Realizing the concept of detachment and practising it in real life brought them rich dividends, they said. Yugesh Moturi and Laxmi Narayanan were among those who found the concept of user-ship more interesting than ownership as it allowed you to take a neutral stand in every circumstance.

The session by Prasad Deole was well-received by the audience and they remarked that it was a very engaging, topical,100% productive and value-added experience. Arun Kumar considered Deole to be a Spiritual businessman who sold ‘the art of pursuing your goals on the face of overwhelming obstructions’. Ashwin Kumar, another participant observed that the session was instrumental in helping him to have a practical, logical approach towards life.


Samatva: The way of the Yogi

The ability to look at life with composure is the first step towards becoming a yogi. This capability called Samatva enables one to treat both happiness and sorrow with equanimity. As part of Nipun ’18 camp, a session on this skill was conducted by eminent scholar V. Shankar Kumaran. Prof. Sankar is a passionate research scholar who cherishes his Gurukulam education experience which has empowered him to apply the vast knowledge of Upanishads into day-to-day life situations.

The participants found the interaction to be a joyous, fun-filled experience and they found the storytelling skills of Prof. Sankar to be amazing and spontaneous.

For many participants like Arpit Agarwal, sessions like this are a boon to those who are looking to apply the theoretical knowledge of ancient scriptures in real life. Shakthi Subramanian also felt the same way and remarked that if somebody wanted to implement the Gita principles in their life, the session was helpful in connecting the dots from theory to practice. To be level-headed in life is very important, observed Gayathri Sarmishta, who said that you should learn to treat every situation with self-control. ‘’Shankar-ji taught us how to take negativity in positivity and both positivity in negativity.’’, said Arun Kumar S. The session helped him to realize how fragile is human joy and seek real happiness which is an everlasting experience. The concept of being alive at the moment came as a revolutionary revelation and the participants realized that it is where true happiness lies.

The way Prof. Sankar conducted the session through activities won the hearts and minds of the participants and many found the experience to be helpful in doing an introspection. It was a refreshing experience for the audience which employed a beautiful & systematic approach towards spirituality through activities, observed Subhilash PS. Getting a deep insight about the way our brain works around success and failure was a great revelation for many, as realized by Abhishek Ahuja. By inventing stories about success and failure to tell ourselves, we’re facing away from reality and fooling ourselves, he remarked. The session has taught him to be honest and find true happiness in mindful actions. Shankar Ji’s expressive way of presentation became an instant hit with youngsters, said Aswin Kumar and expressed his keenness to attend more of his workshops.

Many participants had issues like overcoming fear and standing up to challenges but the session made them realize their true potential and rise like true warriors. ‘’The message that Arjuna ultimately gained from Gita was ‘get up and fight’ and this was the message I got from Samatva workshop too.’’, said Praveen Raja. The session was truly enlightening and I realized that it is the uncertainty which makes life beautiful, he observed. When the session was over, all of the participants were excited about the soul-stirring experience they had and everyone was keen to attend more workshops of  Shankar Kumaran.


Think and grow rich: A session on passionate, professional approach towards work

In this session on ‘My work, My life’, Mr. K. Nandakumar, founder & CEO of SunTec technologies spoke of his philosophy for life and success. The technology evangelist with more than two decades of experience under his belt shared his insights with the participants of Gitamritam Nipun 2018.

Even though the session was ‘too technical and confusing’ for participants like Mr. Sajith Nair, they found the speaker’s practical wisdom and his passion towards work to be inspiring. ’I was impressed by the way he enjoys his work and the down-to-earth attitude he maintains.’ ‘said Ms Gayathri Sarmishta, a participant.

Another vital point was the importance of prioritizing: the ability to think clearly and make decisions wisely in accordance with your long-time goals. Obviously, it is a hard lesson to practice as you need to place logic above all your emotional considerations. Mr. Arpit Agrawal observed that “You can’t have everything with your limited bandwidth and if you have to excel in your goals, then you have to prioritize things.” The session was a value-added experience for many and participants like Mr Srivardhan TP observed that ‘Having a clear focus on what you want to achieve can help you in achieving the same quickly.’

An important takeaway for the participants was the wisdom on careful planning which is critical for the smooth execution of any project. Participant Mr.  Venkitesh P. G. said he has ‘learned to have a professional and planned approach to every event in life.’ For Ms. Preeta Sampath, the session was an eye-opener that taught her the importance of hard work, constant innovation and finding happiness in what you do. The work and life experiences of Mr. Nandakumar have served to be a great source of learning for us, said Mr. Praveen Raja with enthusiasm.

In spite of being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Nandakumar came across as a down to earth man and that attitude has inspired many like Mr. Subhilash. His level-headedness and receptive outlook towards the world made him a wonderful human being, observed Mr. Arun Kumar S. Instead of living in a high castle, Mr. Nandakumar chose to interact with commoners as he knew he has to learn a lot, remarked Mr. Rohith T. It was a great personality trait which could make anyone a dynamic leader, he noted.

His effectiveness as a technology evangelist and thought leader was put to test at the time of the colossal dotcom burst but he emerged victoriously, observed Mr. Shakthi Subramanian. The resilience showcased by Mr. Nandakumar can be attributed to his ability to change and adapt, observed Mr. Shakti and noted that anyone could learn from his experience.  

His insights on material wealth were inspiring, noted Mr. Ashwin Kumar who found the session to be a thought-provoking experience. ‘The way he balances his work and personal life was truly inspirational and his philosophy of being happy in doing your work was a true revelation. Now I understand it is the key, the only way, to succeed in whatever you do. Mr. Nandakumar is truly a role model for me.,’ stated Mr. Dhanush B. N.  Overall, the participants found the session to be a truly inspiring experience.


Yoga: The art of awakening the force within

As part of the Nipun ’18 camp, the sessions on Yoga and Yoga Nidra were conducted by eminent scholar Dr Sripad H. Ghaligi.

The session was packed with energy, said the participants who considered it as an exhilarating experience. “Sripad ji has beautifully explained the basics of Yoga, complete with practical tips’’, remarked Mr Abhishek A Ahuja with enthusiasm. The practical tips were of great help as they opened a way towards a balanced life, said Mr Arun Ramanathan. The sessions made it possible for many first-timers to easily remember breathing exercises and relaxation techniques with ease and practice Yoga with comfort. This was the case for Ms Vidhya and Ms Preethi P, who were very impressed by the sessions after realizing the potential of yoga to achieve mental peace and stability. The session was an unforgettable, life-changing experience for both of them.

Being a Yogi means being alive every moment, observed many participants. “Even though this is the first time I’m practising Yoga formally; I could feel the results within minutes.’’, said Mr Srivardhan TP. Being fully aware of oneself and the surroundings gave him clarity, focus and peace of mind and the ability to control his thoughts, he remarked. It was pretty much like recharging your soul or experiencing an awakening from within, observed Mr Praveen Raja P. Gaining a clear understanding of the connection between mind, body and breath was the takeaway for him. Mr Kartik Krishnan, Mr Anirudh Muraleedharan and Mr Shakti Subramanian were also agreed upon this fact that Yoga is essentially a technique of energizing the body through mastering the mind.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra was another novel concept discussed at the session but when it was put into practice, the participants were able to realize its power. For many including Mr Arun Kumar S., it was a new concept but he found it to be a wonderful experience. ‘’Yoga Nidra is the best rest we could ever have during the camp because it did not make us sleepy but it energized us.’’, said Mr Ashwin Kumar, a musician. Mr Arpit Agrawal was also got impressed by this novel technique and remarked that ‘’ These systematic power naps helped us to pause for a while, relax so that we could start again with more energy.’’ Participant Ms Gayathri Sarmishta was completely overwhelmed by the experience and remarked that ‘’ I’ve noticed a great improvement from first Yoga Nidra to subsequent Yoga Nidras. When following instruction like ‘come out and witness the body which is a gift of nature’, I could feel absolute peace, complete bliss’’. Ms Gayathri expressed her heartfelt gratitude for such a soulful, spiritual experience. The yoga session by Dr Sripad H. Ghaligi turned out to be an instant super hit with the participants and everyone wanted to attend more sessions by him.


Bhagavad Gita: A user’s manual for life

It’s not uncommon for people to get baffled by the challenges and uncertainties thrown at them by life, in both professional and personal fronts. How to be happy all the time, is money the answer to all problems in life, is there a magic formula to win love from your family or how to stay ahead of the competition in the work front…the challenges are endless. Many a time, we just stand there staring at the puzzle called life, yearning for a guide to shepherd us through testing times. Everyone everywhere goes through testing times and the Bhagavad Gita was revealed at such a time of crisis, on a battlefield. The ancient scripture that came into existence many millennia ago still inspires people around the world to rise up in the battlefield of life and find happiness in their pursuits.

The participants who attended the Bhagavad Gita classes found them to be soul-stirring, refreshing and revitalizing. People had very dramatic experiences during the sessions, like Ms. Gayathri Sarmishta, who felt the session to be like a movie where her life was played in front of her eyes. The unique experience has given her a unique perspective to look at the life and make a balanced judgement. ‘’The session was an enriching experience that filled my heart with true courage to face even unpleasant incidents with composure’’, Gayathri said.

Probably, the greatest takeaway from the class was the ability to make sense of the emotional roller-coaster called life. Participants like Mr. Yugesh Moturi said that he has got answers for all his questions and the whole experience has made him a happier individual. The content and explanation of the class was really exceptional and the simple language enabled everyone to access complex concepts, observed Mr. Srivardhan T.P. It was a ‘’simple, thought-provoking series of classes filled with pearls of wisdom and tons of jokes’’, said Mr. Subhilash P S, with enthusiasm. Getting an all-new perspective was like having a brand new pair of eyes, felt Mr. Arun Kumar S., who remarked that ‘’the sessions have changed my perception of how I see the world and gave me confidence to take on this world of Kaliyuga. I’ll surely put these principles into practice to reap their fruits.’’

The classes were very engaging and the experience was very enriching, observed Ms. Preetha Sampath who thought the session empowered her to live life with a different perspective, face it like a game with 100% effort, enjoy it as much as she could and accept the results with equanimity. Getting clarity on the human thinking and acting patterns helped him a lot, said Mr. Abhishek A Ahuja who was all praises for Dhyanji for the spectacular session.’’ He reads prescription shlokas from the book of Dr. Gita and tells us what is the way to act, think and what is the motivation for all our actions.’’, stated Mr. Ahuja. He went on to say that the session taught him to put his worries aside and continue with his Karma.

The pursuit of happiness was Mr Arpit Agrawal’s objective and the session has led him to do a little introspection. The realization has liberated him and the experience has impressed him to recommend the sessions to everyone. Like Arpit, a lot of people are wondering whether we could ever experience true happiness in our lives or we could only pursue it. Those who came to the sessions have realized that true happiness can only be attained through detachment, which was a revolutionary revelation. The concept of detachment dawned on her through the revelation ‘’ I don’t own even my body, I’m only using it.’’, said Ms. Preethi P. This learning became a catalyst for her self-realization, which enabled her to know and experience happiness in its purest form. The learning that ’happiness is not related to objects’’ has done the same to Mr. Dhanush B.N., who considered the class to be a unique experience that provided him with a new perspective on Dharma and gave better clarity on attachment. Mr. Praveen Raja P learnt that attachment is really a human reaction to his/her likes and dislikes and it is a natural phenomenon when you base your happiness on temporary sorrow and joy. He was of the opinion that Gita classes were capable of cementing the profound principles onto the back of our minds.’’

The participants found the classes to be life-altering experiences and everyone was keen to return the next year.


A world through his lens: My Life My Passion -C Radhakrishnan

Celebrity photographer Shri C Radhakrishnan spoke about his life and passion to the Gitamritam campers.


He started his talk with a slideshow of some photographs. He spoke of how his young son gave him suggestions for creating videos on Youtube. He said that he is here to learn from youngsters and that learning should never stop in one’s life. He spoke of his early life in Ernakulam. He spoke of his simple life, playing cricket and how his life revolved around his home, his school and the temple. He spoke about his mother’s love for movies and him listening to movie narrations from his mother and he was always eager to know who the cinematographer was. This is where his visualization capabilities started. After schooling, he had to move to Hyderabad to look for a job due to his family situation. His typewriting skills came handy in finding a job. He said anything that you learn will become useful in life, whether you learn by force or out of interest. Later he learned television mechanics. He got his first camera when he was in college and that is how he started being involved with photography. He started by taking photographs of events like birthdays and weddings and his work appreciated by people. He missed his college exams when photographing one such event, such was his passion. He said it is important to understand what one is interested in, and people to support a successful life.


“Passion is something you will do even if you have a billion dollars in your bank”. This is how he explained passion, to the students. He said despite that amount of money one should be pursuing his/her passion and not want to rest, and that is the seriousness with which one should pursue one’s passion. He advised that there are two major requirements to pursue one’s passion. One is to stay in an environment that would evoke the passion and let it come out. Next, it is important to recognize it early and test if that is what one wants to do in life. He decided early in life to go to Mumbai to become an advertising photographer. He said that when we think about something very seriously, nature will conspire to present the opportunities in front of you. People who he did not know gave money or film rolls, and he got opportunities to meet the right advisors. Nature conspires to send you the messiahs at the right time to help you, and we realize these messiahs only later in life. He then spoke of his career and the hard work needed to establish his career. He shared his experience of how he met Amma in Mumbai and how Her blessings got his big break to do a shooting on Mother’s day. From that day on he never had to look back on his career. Finally, he said he would talk of any phase in life as a struggle since he did what he loved. He then shared several photographs and the experiences taking them with the audience. He left the campers inspired with his humorous and interesting talks and his passion for photography.


He made us see the beauty of life through the field of the camera. – Anjana A

His amazing insights on life and his passion was extremely helpful to me and for me to think outside the box when it comes to my passion and what I love to do. -Devika Vinod

He is a lively person. I learnt that we should always stick to our passion even when society tells us that what we are doing may not be highly paid or respected. -Abhinav Saikrishna Maddipati

The most adorable person from whom I learnt to proceed with what passion I like and he helped me understand the divine even better. -Ananya G

I got to know how beautiful nature actually is and that it is not only the celebrities that have to be shot, everyone/everything is beautiful. -Dhanushree Ramakrishna

He has an awesome personality. He is funny and optimistic. -Radhesyam Raghav K R

I was inspired by his words, ” change the habits”. -Nitheesh Surya K S

He taught us to have confidence in our passion. -NS Sudarshan

I knew Radhakrishnan sir before camp as I was following him on youtube. I never imagined that I will see him in person. It was a very good experience. -Logesh R

Learnt that you should never stop learning and it is important to be down to earth. -Radha S Navada

The fact that everything we learn helps us someday and all the skills we develop will help us in one way or another was something that I found to be important. -Anagha Manoj

I am impressed by his speech. Like him, I too have a crush on photography. So I listened to him very keenly and took him as an role model. -Treshai Hary S

Learning never stops and we must be the first to own up to our mistakes and ask for pardon. Every moment is the right moment. -U Shriram

I learnt that for learning there is no age limit. -Subiksha R

He was a great photographer and I want to be a simple man like him. Even though he is a great man, it was his simplicity that  attracted me. -Keerthana G


Love for law & order: My Life My Passion – Vinod Kumar Pandey

Shri Vinod Kumar Pandey enthralled the young audience with anecdotes from his life and shared his passion.


He started the session by asking the youngsters “What is life? Who do we owe our life to?”He said that parents are God for each of us, and we owe everything to them and must take care of them. He said that he got this advice from a saint when he was young. The saint said that if we pray to God for our parents’ well being, we will be happy, and so will our parents, since our parents always care about the children’s happiness. He went on to talk about passion and explained that for each of us, our interest develops in a direction and it drives us. That becomes our passion and makes us love our life. Passion, however, is demanding, it will force us to work very hard, and make us devote our energies. Therefore decide what you want to become early in life. He said that even animals and insects are passionate and love their lives. Passion can also be for one’s well being. He gave an example of his father who was born in a poor farmer’s family and was passionate about getting an education and improving his standard of living, that made him work hard and get to a good position in life. He learnt honesty, dedication, punctuality and work ethics from his father.



He then went on to explain his journey after joining the Police Force. He spoke about the training period which was rigorous, and at high temperatures. During the difficult phases, he spoke about how he kept going considering his family situations. After passing the training he was placed in different positions, but he was not happy with the work profile. He later applied to CBI and got selected. His first assignment was the Bokaro Steel Plant theft case, which was a challenging case, that many officers refused to handle. He explained how he solved this case through perseverance and strategic investigation. He said, “When you are passionate about your job, we can handle people who threaten or lure you”. He went on to give interesting anecdotes from his other case, the JMM bribery case. He explained how he surrendered to Lord Hanuman to help him solve the case whenever things became tough. He enthralled the audience with his adventures and how he overcame difficulties through honesty, intelligence and determination.

He kept the campers enthralled with how he solved different cases, how he overcame difficulties and fear many times. His devotion to Hanumanji helped him in such situations. His passion for solving his cases was evident from his talks. He said that despite reaching top positions he has the drive to do more. He advised students that one must be fearless, honest, dedicated, work hard and be punctual and sincere. He said that he was not even thinking about his family when solving such cases. He reminisced about his long hours at work and how he did not even realize that his baby boy had started sitting. Such was his dedication to his work. His wife who is also in the police force was supportive and understanding. The students were inspired by his life and passion.



I really learnt to be brave. – Pankajam T

His adventurous stories of CBI investigations were mesmerizing. -Adithya Kartha C B

I learnt the importance of our own strict rules, sincerity and dedication towards our goal. -Gayathri Narasimhan

His experience taught me a lot about following our own dharma and not others’. –Devika Vinod

The real respectful and fearless man who inspired me to live and look at the world in a different way. -Ananya G

It is not that a farmer’s son should become a farmer. We should do what we like. -Dhanushree Ramakrishna

He gave me the most important lesson- that is to do our dharma and the right thing, we must not back down or be afraid. We need to be honest, punctual and disciplined. -Kushagrika Marwaha

The amazing narration had me on the edge of my seat. His life is one that should truly be admired. -Anirudhan Menon

I liked the things which made his life a miracle. -Buvana Varthani

I thought he was the new Sherlock Holmes. –Sachin Kurup

His life story was like a James Bond film. It was very interesting and thrilling. -Radhesyam Raghav K R

It was inspiring to hear his journey. Listening to his stories made me want to face fears in life and to be punctual, diplomatic and hard working. -Radha S Navada

I learnt that we should have the grace of elders which is the main source of success. -Pramarsha B S

Through his life experience, he told us how to be bold, disciplined, honest and punctual in our life. -Shama Chandrasekhar Sankole

Helped me understand that we have to be brave and follow our path whatever happens. We should stand up against people who are doing adharma and work selflessly for the society. -Anand

The real game of life in which he could do his dharma was a good example to me towards patriotism and upholding dharma. -PM Dharsshan

His investigation technique was very amazing. The investigation experience he shared with us was mind-blowing. -Amruth Ganesh Jm 

He taught us the way to deal with people and his ideas of catching the culprits were very good which would make anyone inspire. -Anupama K Patil

The very definition of a patriotic Indian. His dexterity and agility have to be inculcated in every little child. -Aditya R

I have learnt that I have to have the dedication to reach my passion or goal. -Sushma K M

I am really glad to hear about the stories from the real heroes of our country. -G Kirtana


Love for Surgery: My Life My Passion – Dr Mohit Sharma

Dr. Mohit Sharma Clinical Professor. Specialist in for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Burn Surgery, Ear Reconstruction, from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences spoke about his life and passion.


Dr Sharma started with his experiences in school. He said that all through his life he always wanted to improve and do something better. Through an anecdote from childhood, he advised that it is important to be straightforward and simple and express clearly without hesitation. He explained that being straightforward and simple is one of the divine qualities mentioned in the Gita. He spoke of his experiences in a camp during his fifth grade where he learned that to do service to country one needs “tan, man and dhan’’, i.e. body, mind and wealth. It is not wrong to earn money righteously to help others and help our country. His interest in medicine kindled when he read magazines about heart surgeries and heart transplants. Despite his interest, he said he was an average student with an aversion towards Maths, and he decided to overcome it and wanted to get rid of the label of not being up to the mark, and during his 10th grade, he worked hard in his studies, especially Mathematics. His hard work helped him get a distinction in his exams. He said that it is essential to have a single pointed focus and that helped him focus during his twelfth class on biological sciences and do well in these subjects. He was especially inspired by the shloka that says that God’s grace can make a mute speak with eloquence and a lame person climb high mountains. He felt he can do something incredible if he has faith in God.


According to Dr Sharma life is 90% grace and 10% effort. He advised that when one serves elders and teachers their blessings comes back as grace. Understanding his strengths and weaknesses he put in the right effort to get into the medical college. Grace helped him do well in the entrance exams and he got an admission for MBBS.

His advice for students was that they should join medicine only out of love for the subject, not out of compulsion, without passion the pressure becomes stressful and difficult to manage. He also mentioned that hard work alone is insufficient, intelligent hard work is important. He recollected an advice from a doctor that branches are not important but persons are important. If people are good, then that branch flourishes. He advised the students to take the branch based on interest and not based on its popularity, short gains or easy life. Passion made him pursue surgical sciences.

While doing his MS he got acquainted with Swami Ranganathananda and other saints. Once a Swamiji took him to Amma. During the program, he was called by Amma, and Amma asked him to join AIMS after completing studies.

After completing MS, he started preparing for Plastic Surgery entrance exam. Since he did not do as well as he expected, he was at the top of the waiting list. However, his passion for plastic surgery drove him to meet the Head of the division at the University of Delhi to allow him to observe his surgeries without pay. Within four months he was allowed to scrub in and assist in these surgeries. His passion and perseverance and being available gave Dr Sharma the right opportunity in plastic surgery. He tried the entrance again, however, the second time it was much tougher. Due to the grace of God he got through this time. Through this experience, he demonstrated to the student how one should fight through challenges to do good to humanity.

After his training, he joined AIMS Kochi in the plastic surgery department. He spoke of one surgery he performed in AIMS when they reconstructed the tongue of a patient affected by oral cancer. This groundbreaking surgery took him to England for a couple of fellowships. He then spoke of the successful hand transplants performed by his team. Throughout his talk, he gave examples of how grace helped him get through obstacles; “If you have tremendous self-effort and grace of God, all success will follow”, he concluded with these beautiful words.


I learnt that failure is the stepping stone to success. – Pankajam T

As my ambition is to become a doctor I really enjoyed and imbibed the secrets of his success, his dedication and determination. -Ananya G

Dr Sharma showed us how to stay dedicated to ones work and to always remember that without God’s grace, nothing is possible. – Abhinav Saikrishna Maddipati

He helped more people to attain their happiness so I also want to be a source of happiness like him. -Keerthana G

He is a living example who learnt and applied the Bhagavad Gita. He connected his life to the slokas of Gita. -Aadarsh Kalyaan S

Win over your own fear and that we have to be clear about our goals. -Sannidhi

I learnt that you are the one to lift yourself and so you should always have a single point focus. -U Shriram

Showed us that dedication and ultimate surrender to God can help us achieve miracles. -Aditya R

He is one of the most inspiring personalities I have ever seen. The dedication to his work is very inspiring. -Anupama K Patil

Dr Mohit Sharma’s life was an eye-opener & as I understood how important the grace of God is, the blessings of family, teachers and friends are, to help us soar and that it is actually the key to balance in one’s life. -Amrit Subramaniam

The thing which I liked is that he never stopped learning. I liked him as he was not too smart at first and then he became a person who could help the handless people, get another persons’ hand and thus lead a normal life. -Amruth Ganesh Jm

The importance of the belief in God and his blessings is proved by his journey. The lesson of loving oneself and that we are our best friend and the worst enemy is something which I learnt from his speech. -G Sripujitha

I learnt that if we enjoy the work that we do, then we won’t feel bored while doing that work and that we will be happy doing it. -Yashas Kumara Adi

From his speech, I learnt that we can achieve anything through hard work. -U V Thanushya

He inspired me to have faith in myself and god. -Ramyadevi V

It was an inspiring session and I came to know the miracles he did which made me think more creatively. -Pavithra M

His commitment and passion for his profession and how he rose against all the odds was inspiring. -Anagha Manoj

Mind-blowing. Really deepened my passion towards medicine and service to the world. Really felt my life surge through with his words inspire me to the core. -Vidya Suresh

Learnt that just hard work doesn’t help, you need to have grace as well. -Radha S Navada

Be ready to help the people around, have good friends and always listen to your grandparents. -Praneshwaran V

Interesting. I learnt to be straightforward in my life. We have to be open-minded -Sachin Kurup

I learnt that if we fail one time, we have to try again and again. -Buvana Varthani

Enjoyed the presentation and learned a great deal about the life of a surgeon and how Gita helps to live it right. -Sriram Ganesan

To become successful in life, teamwork is very important. –Dhanushree Ramakrishna

Dr Mohit Sharma taught me that through hard work, simplicity and discipline you can do anything. He derived a lot from Gita using it in the correct way and I wish to do that too. -Kushagrika Marwaha




Love for Science : My Life My Passion – AP Jayaram

Dr A. P. Jayaraman, a world-renowned scientist from BARC and a passionate science communicator shared his life and his passion for science with the campers. His interaction was filled with interesting and humorous anecdotes from his life. He started by showing a picture of himself with Stephen Hawking, and humorously referring to how he was not easily recognized, while everyone can identify great men from great distances. That is the travesty of our times, that we do not recognize people standing in front of us many times. A celebrity journal asked Dr Jayaraman to explain Hawking’s contribution in a sentence, and he replied that “Hawking derived the total wave function for the universe”. However, this is not easily understood by many, as science is many a time explained in a complex manner. He humorously mentioned that professors tend to give complex and abstruse explanations. He says that one’s ability to marginalize and universalize a problem is a good exit strategy in tricky situations and a good skill to learn.



He explained how despite being a renowned scientist, was having trouble solving Engineering problems his grandson brought to him. He said that every generation is log cycle ahead in IQ and two log cycles ahead in intelligence. He shares his birthday with Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb. While they share the same birthday and visited the same places, he has not done the same things as Teller. Dr Jayaram explains that correlating lives is not effective and is fruitless. He said that if we look at our fellow mates who travelled the life along with us, each will write a unique story.  He spoke about how memory helped during his time but now information is available on the internet and that the ability to process information and create new knowledge is valuable today, not the ability to carry volumes of information.

Inspired by Dr Bhabha’s invitation to people to become nuclear scientists, he applied to Bhabha Atomic Research Center in Mumbai, his career spanned 40 years in BARC. He also spoke about how he joined the people science movement in which top nuclear scientists helped save the Silent Valley. He also explained his project on developing a solution for converting sea water to fresh water, which is a major contribution of his team in BARC. His work to purify water was inspired from his interactions with Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, which was presented to NASA. He advised his students to have minds like Dr C V Raman and Mendeley, combining depth and breadth of the mind in addition to creativity. In addition, he emphasised that one should have ethical and a spiritual mind, which Indians obtain from a single source. He also spoke about his work with his colleagues to create interesting stories that help make scientific concepts easier to understand. His talk inspired the students and gave an insight into scientific thinking, the treasure of knowledge obtained through experience, and his passion for teaching science.



I found a role model. -Keerthana.

We are inspired by him. -Sooryanadh, Anirudhan Menon, Radha S Navada, G Sripujitha, U Shriram, Subiksha, Narayana Pillai, Aadarsh Kalyan, Treshai Hary and Amrit.

Got many scientific ideas. -Sooryanadh.

We are amazed by his wit, energy, intelligence and views on education and this generation – Abhinav Saikrishna, Devika Vinod, Adithya Kartha, Anirudhan Menon, Anagha Manoj, Radha S Navada, Prathiksha, Yashas Kumara.

Amazed by his contributions to Science – Devika.

Learnt how to choose friends and how important that is to our future. – Devika Vinod, Sandhiyae, Aadithyaa, G Sripujitha, Ashwannth.

Inspired to follow my passion. – Anirudhan Menon.

Like your innocence. – Kushagrika Marwaha & Anirudhan Menon

Learnt the importance of dedication and never giving up. – Kushagrika Marwaha & Deva Prakash.

Liked the fact that you mixed science in the stories of cooking of food. – Samhitha Panuganti, Subaharitha, Buvana, Logesh, Subaharitha, Achyuth, Narayana Pillai, Buvana & Vaidoorya.

Astounded by his knowledge of Science – Aditya.

Learnt to apply what I learned in class to life. – Amrit

Taught me that even the minutest parts of the world have an impact. – Vidya Suresh.

Got really good pointers on how to study. – Mathipriya, Subiksha & S Shiva Dharshan.

Learnt that we can learn everything. -Sachin, Anupama.

Came to like science because of him. – Tamilarasi & Ananya.

Learnt that creativity can help in pursuing a passion. -PM Dharsshan.

Learnt that passion has no age limit. -Ramyadevi, Keerthana & Aadarsh Kalyan.

He is just like an encyclopedia. – Prathiksha.

Love his dedication towards his passion. -Amruth Ganesh & Aadarsh Kalyan.

Learnt how important hard work, smartness, and never giving up is for success. -Amruth Ganesh, G Sripujitha, U Shriram & Pramarsha.

Admired and enjoyed his humility and simplicity. -Yashas Kumara