2018 Bala My Passion 18Bala

A world through his lens: My Life My Passion -C Radhakrishnan

Celebrity photographer Shri C Radhakrishnan spoke about his life and passion to the Gitamritam campers. He started his talk with a slideshow of some photographs. He spoke of how his young son gave him suggestions for creating videos on Youtube. He said that he is here to learn from youngsters and that learning should never stop […]

2013 Yuva Workshops 13Yuva

Photography: shoot what you Love

A photography workshop was conducted by Br. Dhyanamrita. He explained how to take an interesting photo and what frame of mind one needs. Feedback: One of my interests is photography. Till I attended this class I didn’t know that photography can also be related to Gita. Swamiji taught us how to take good photographs of […]

2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Photography workshop: Shoot what you Love – by Dhyanamrita

A photography workshop was given to children by Br. Dhyanamrita. The children were taught how to take an interesting picture. “] Feedback: Hereafter my photos will be loved by everyone – Srinivasa Raghavan S Dhyanji taught us about photography in an interesting way. I don’t know the A B C of photography but now I […]

2012 Bala Workshops 12Bala

Photography workshop: Shoot what you Love – by Br. Dhyanamrita

Br. Dhyanamrita took a workshop on photography where children were taught about the basics of photography. He believed that if we master the basics, a good photo will happen automatically. His pictures inspired the children. They realised that photography is an art and they need concentration, presence of mind, dedication and grace to get a […]