2012 Bala Workshops 12Bala

Photography workshop: Shoot what you Love – by Br. Dhyanamrita

Br. Dhyanamrita took a workshop on photography where children were taught about the basics of photography. He believed that if we master the basics, a good photo will happen automatically. His pictures inspired the children. They realised that photography is an art and they need concentration, presence of mind, dedication and grace to get a good photo. The session was well received by waves of thunderous applause.

Below are the pics shot by the children. Most of them are using a camera for the first time. The pictures are original, not altered or cropped even, as it is shot by them.

Some feedback from the workshop

This photography has given me some idea and courage to click beautiful pictures by focusing on certain things. – Sinatra, Karwar

I enjoyed this session and realised photography is not easy. – T Shashank Yadar

He taught us how to click photos and made us realise me must have the patience to take photos. – Vaneesh V, Belgaum

His photos are amazing – Sourath S Hosalkar, Karwar

Earlier I knew only to click, now I feel like a photographer. – Vishwom S Revankar, Karwar

He made us realise the relevance of “focus” as mentioned in Gita. – Sunidhi Naik, Karwar