Yoga by Gitamba

The benefit of each and every step in the Surya Namaskara was well explained and demonstrated. She taught integrated Amrita Yoga in a successful manner.

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Feedback from some students…

By doing yoga I feel very much aligned with my body. – Saumya G, Karwar

Earlier I used to do some pranayamas but I found the asanas I learned from this champ worthy and was filled with love, peace and patience. – Sinatra, Karwar

I learned many asanas that will help in keeping my body healthy, strong and flexible. – Sagar SC, Belgaum

Geetamba is a great yoga teacher. – Sourath S Hosalkar, Karwar

We used to wake up at 5a.m and do yoga which was taught by Geetamba ma. I learnt lots from her. She is the best. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

Geetamba helped us to kick start the day with exercise. She brought in us a fresh mood. – Shreyas Vernekar, Karwar

She taught us how to respect mother earth and the meaning of yoga, “union with god”. – Abhilasha A Naik, Belgaum

Superb! Both Geetamba ma’am and Amartya ma’am are angles of my life who helped me in overcoming my excessive sleep. – Ananya MS, Mysore

She teaches in a way that attracts any student towards yoga. Giving out instructions and correcting gently. Approval Sreenivasa, Mysore

It gave us a relaxing experience free from all worries and we felt mentally and physically calm, cool and fresh. – Kirti Kamat, Belgaum

It affected me a lot and made my body flexible. By doing yoga I feel refreshed and relaxed. Now, I like yoga very much. – Divya Dayanand, Mysore

From this session I cultivated the habit of waking up early in the morning. From lazy guys, we turned fit and healthy children. – Sannidhi S, Karwar

My Life My Passion: Love for Swimming – Akhilesh Matti Rajakyla

{Akhilesh Matti Rajakyla is National Swimming Champion from Finland and participant in 2004 Athens & 2008 Beijing Olympics. Almost a hundred National level medals in Swimming and three National Records.}

Akhilesh shared his experiences as a young school boy at Helsinki’s sports high school, where he lived by himself, practicing, attending school, doing homework, cooking and helping himself. His hard work paid off for his fast progress and involvement in practice for Athens Olympics.

Demonstrated his true sportive nature even when he couldn’t win a medal at Athens, he was happy to have participated and was able to meet the other sports stars!

He got the European championship gold in 2005, which changed his attitude towards the sport and began to work harder, took it as his job to practice, but constantly had a fear of failure.

He played his video from Olympics and showed how even a single fraction of a second matters for a sportsman of his cadre and what difference it can make in their life!

He attributed his failure to his attitude, and explained how he felt depressed and began to question himself. This is exactly when he met Amma and found answers to all his queries which brought major change in him who holds high respect for the Indian tradition and values.


Feedback from the students…

We came to know how to overcome situations and learned not to give up in any problems and to continue or complete our passion – Sannidhi Raikar

This is the line which was told by him is written in my mind in  bold letters.
”Everybody is born as a artist with a talent inside. The thing which we have to do is to keep the talent till the adulthood.”   Whenever I feel I am not gifted with any talent, this line strikes in my mind and enables me to move forward. Thanks to Akhilesh Sir. – Megha Hichkad

I have learnt ‘never giving up from him’ & that’s same thing what we were taught in Gita sessions that Sri Krishna  instructs  – Revant, Karwar

Departure to be blissful

The last moments of the 7 day residential Gita camp at Mysore 2012. None of them wanted to go back. But they departed with pain & joy, for going beyond both, to be blissful and smiling always.

Bhagavad Gita class Bhakti Yoga – Love everything

Br. Dhyanamrita Chaitanya gave Bhagavad Gita class two sessions daily and some times three.  He took the  Chapter 12 – Bhakti yoga completely. By the end of the camp all came to know how to chant, the meaning and its application in daily life. The theme of the camp was ‘Love Everything’.

108 students form all over Karnataka Amrita Vidyalayams’ participated in this 7 day residential Gitamritam camp. The children were very reluctant to leave the camp on the 7th day.



Some feedback of the students ..

It has helped us to understand the value of life as well as to know the path of dharma to lead the life successfully. From this session we have learned to be beautiful flower, which has spreading beautiful fragrance all over the world – Suma S, Karwar

It has created a change in me. By this i came to know that fear is a failure in life and we should be like Sri Krishna.  – Divya Dayanand, Mysore

The camp was really beautiful and there are no words to express how superb this camp was. We have learned so many valuable things, which we wont, get never again in our life. Dhyanji thought us very beautifully and the way e gave so many examples and experiences were so awesome and awesome and awesome that we will never get. We will never dare to forget it in our future. – Pranali,  Karwar

I learned to keep smiling every time and do good to others not thinking of hurting anyone. I love and will be loving Gita forever. – Srikant M Jotawar,  Belgam

Swamiji thought us the meaning of life of Bhagavad Gita, which will inspire us now and in the future. Gained knowledge and the right way to walk through our path. We will never forget this and will 100 % try to follow this as he always said to be like Sri Krishna. – Sannidhi Raikar   Karwar

I learned that we should be like Sri Krishna and not like Arjuna. – Hrithwik SD, Mysore
Swamiji inspired us we learned the meaning of Gita and some tips that we can adopt in our life for decision-making skills. We now know the value of our life and we know the slokas, which will inspire our life. – Niveditha M, Bangalore

He made us understand the 35 qualities that Krishna says to reach Him. It helped us a lot in making our life colorful. – Vaishnavi SB, Mysore

Through Bhagavad Gita we learned the best way to live life and we should see the situation and handle the problem. – Bourav, Karwar

I enjoyed listening to Swmaiji’s jokes and also the qualities, which are required to be a happy man and to reach the divine. – Varija, Mysore

I have learned the ways by which we have to lead our life. Thank you Dhyanji. – Prakhyath J Shetty, Karwar

I feel we are really lucky to have such a camp – Sneha Kadam, Karwar

This helped us a lot to realize our character and how we should be tension free and smile always like Sri Krishna. By this advice we all have really changed ourselves a lot. – Kirti Kammath, Belgam

I promise that I would follow the Gita in my daily life. – Srinidhi A, Bangalore
Now took birth to live a real life. – Sunny C, Belgam

He taught us ho we could attain the almighty by the methods told by Sri Krishna. Fixing the mind on him, controlling the senses, offering our work to him etc. – Revant A, Karwar

B Gita is very useful in every ones life – Sayash MP, Karwar

This session was very inspiring. Before I knew the slokas by heart. But by this camp I not only came to know the slokas but it’s meaning and how to implement it in our daily lives. – Sinatra, Karwar

I came to know how to live a life. – Sagar S C, Belgam

I learned many things form this class. I wish I could lead a life like Sri Krishna. – Sreyas J Kashyap, Bangalore

I was surprised that there is so much meaning in it. Truly it was an inspiring talk by Swamiji. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

It enabled me to understand the ways by which I could be able to be a true devotee of the lord. Session had shown me the right way to be with problems with my life. I have many bad qualities with me, which I will try to correct with the knowledge got from this session. – Megha, Karwar

Made me quite clear about my dilemma, about my future. It brought in to me a lot of confidence and showed me where I was hindering. – Chitkala S Sharma, Mysore

After this session I came to know that Bhavad Gita is the way to implement moral value and best way to reach god or become the best devotee of god. – Dhanush B, Bangalore

The thing, which inspired me, was to have control over our mind, which I am going to follow. – Diksha Naik, Karwar

I have learned that whenever problems will come we should smile and face those problems in our life. – Abhilasha A Naik, Belgam

Everything that learned from camp made a great difference in me, and an awakening. I promise to practice it to my best. – Sunidhi Naik, Karwar

Class was made more interesting with practical examples. Enhance the quality of life to achieve bliss. – Ananya MS, Mysore

This session was very good. We came to know how we should be in our daily life. I loved it. – Varsha H J, Mysore

Thank you very much Swamiji. You made us understand what the Gita is. – Saroja, Belgam

He taught Bhagavat Gita very nicely. We enjoyed all his sessions. Gave good examples of all 35 values and he taught us how to live the life. – Nira J Baxi, Belgam

We came to know many things. How to lead a happy life and many fascinating things to keep ourselves mentally clean. Interesting. – Vidhathri Bangalore

I am inspired by his word that is we should b happy with what we have. – Mohit S, Karwar

I hereafter will have this precious book with me all the time. Our school will organize such a camp once again. – Bharani, Mysore

I never thought that Bhagavad Gita has meaning in each word . I just used to chant it blindly. But now I have understood the meaning of 12th chapter and now I am going to chant it with concentration and understanding the meaning. – Krishna, Bangalore

I my life I will not cry. Because Swmaiji told that Krishna told Arjuna not to cry. – Reshmi G Bhatt Karwar

Dhyanij taught us the aspect of life and how to be happy. We learned how to attain god by imbibing the any of the 35 values and also learned the qualities that Krishna will accept us as a devotee. – Sanjay M R, Mysore

It was a wonderful session. Correcting when we are making mistakes, elaborating the slokas meanings, which consisted jokes and other various examples. It’s worth listening. – Apoorva Srinivasan, Mysore

I got the knowledge that how Krishna helped others, like that we should help others. – Pavan S, Karwar

I felt very happy. I think I should implement this laws and rules told by Sri Krishna. – Roht C Mysore

He taught us the importance of Bhagavat Gita. Meaning of the slokas explained was easily understandable. He also taught us how to apply this in our daily life. – Divya R, Mysore

Gita  of Dhyanji was wonderful and by this we understand that at the time of need we get everything. – Rakshith das, Mysore

The session was very interesting because we learnt the values of our life. – Balaji, Mysore

Learnt to smile always and also learnt that if any one criticize or give any bad impression we should not mind. – Pooja D Naik, Karwar

Geeta thought us about attaining perfection and also how to lead a life and to stay happy for ever. – Harshith, Bangalore

Learnt how to live and to live without any anger, hatred and jealousy. A very informative session and will try my best to practice it in my life as explained by Sri Krishna.- Priyanka, karwar

The values that was expressed by the Lord should be implemented in our day to day life. Explanations of each and every verse were so clear that we had no doubt. – Naveena P, Bangalore

Learnt how Bagavad Geeta is useful in our life and the qualities that should be there in every one to become a perfect human being.- Reshmi bhat, Bangalore

Corrected my self from doing wrong. Learnt not to be selfish and hurt others. – Likon N J, Bangalore

Vedic chanting: Exploring the tradition

In the Vedic chanting session children were taught to follow the intonations and stress as given in the script. The session continued each day advancing in learning the “Narayana Sukta”

Karthik Iyer made the sessions more enjoyable and conducive by adding a competitive spirit in them.

By the end of the session even those who hesitated to chant in the beginning were seen chanting with confidence and devotion.

Br. Karthik Iyer is a Micro Biologist, Asst. Professor, Amrita University.

Some feedback from the students:

This is very useful in our daily lives. Now I can sing this when I visit temples. – Vaneesh V, Belgaum

It was fantastic and our throats went dry singing. – Rohan K, Bangalore

Vedas carry positive energy and we should chant them daily. – Sheyas J Kashyap

This was one of my favourite sessions. I liked it a lot. Thank you Karthik sir. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

This was one of the best sessions of the camp. I enjoyed it thoroughly. – Chitkala S Sharma, Mysore

I was one of my wish to learn Narayanam suktam, but i never got the chance to. I am very happy that i got to learn it at this champ within couple of days. -Sinatra, Karwar

We learned how to pronounce the Sanskrit words and how to chant them correctly. – Varsha H J, Mysore

Learning Narayana Sukta with correct intonations helped me gain a feeling of perfection. – Bharani, Mysore

He taught the difference between Vedic chanting and ordinary chanting, Niveditha N, Bangalore


Children sharing their views/understanding from different sessions on each days.