Love for Science : My Life My Passion – AP Jayaram

Dr A. P. Jayaraman, a world-renowned scientist from BARC and a passionate science communicator shared his life and his passion for science with the campers. His interaction was filled with interesting and humorous anecdotes from his life. He started by showing a picture of himself with Stephen Hawking, and humorously referring to how he was not easily recognized, while everyone can identify great men from great distances. That is the travesty of our times, that we do not recognize people standing in front of us many times. A celebrity journal asked Dr Jayaraman to explain Hawking’s contribution in a sentence, and he replied that “Hawking derived the total wave function for the universe”. However, this is not easily understood by many, as science is many a time explained in a complex manner. He humorously mentioned that professors tend to give complex and abstruse explanations. He says that one’s ability to marginalize and universalize a problem is a good exit strategy in tricky situations and a good skill to learn.



He explained how despite being a renowned scientist, was having trouble solving Engineering problems his grandson brought to him. He said that every generation is log cycle ahead in IQ and two log cycles ahead in intelligence. He shares his birthday with Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb. While they share the same birthday and visited the same places, he has not done the same things as Teller. Dr Jayaram explains that correlating lives is not effective and is fruitless. He said that if we look at our fellow mates who travelled the life along with us, each will write a unique story.  He spoke about how memory helped during his time but now information is available on the internet and that the ability to process information and create new knowledge is valuable today, not the ability to carry volumes of information.

Inspired by Dr Bhabha’s invitation to people to become nuclear scientists, he applied to Bhabha Atomic Research Center in Mumbai, his career spanned 40 years in BARC. He also spoke about how he joined the people science movement in which top nuclear scientists helped save the Silent Valley. He also explained his project on developing a solution for converting sea water to fresh water, which is a major contribution of his team in BARC. His work to purify water was inspired from his interactions with Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, which was presented to NASA. He advised his students to have minds like Dr C V Raman and Mendeley, combining depth and breadth of the mind in addition to creativity. In addition, he emphasised that one should have ethical and a spiritual mind, which Indians obtain from a single source. He also spoke about his work with his colleagues to create interesting stories that help make scientific concepts easier to understand. His talk inspired the students and gave an insight into scientific thinking, the treasure of knowledge obtained through experience, and his passion for teaching science.



I found a role model. -Keerthana.

We are inspired by him. -Sooryanadh, Anirudhan Menon, Radha S Navada, G Sripujitha, U Shriram, Subiksha, Narayana Pillai, Aadarsh Kalyan, Treshai Hary and Amrit.

Got many scientific ideas. -Sooryanadh.

We are amazed by his wit, energy, intelligence and views on education and this generation – Abhinav Saikrishna, Devika Vinod, Adithya Kartha, Anirudhan Menon, Anagha Manoj, Radha S Navada, Prathiksha, Yashas Kumara.

Amazed by his contributions to Science – Devika.

Learnt how to choose friends and how important that is to our future. – Devika Vinod, Sandhiyae, Aadithyaa, G Sripujitha, Ashwannth.

Inspired to follow my passion. – Anirudhan Menon.

Like your innocence. – Kushagrika Marwaha & Anirudhan Menon

Learnt the importance of dedication and never giving up. – Kushagrika Marwaha & Deva Prakash.

Liked the fact that you mixed science in the stories of cooking of food. – Samhitha Panuganti, Subaharitha, Buvana, Logesh, Subaharitha, Achyuth, Narayana Pillai, Buvana & Vaidoorya.

Astounded by his knowledge of Science – Aditya.

Learnt to apply what I learned in class to life. – Amrit

Taught me that even the minutest parts of the world have an impact. – Vidya Suresh.

Got really good pointers on how to study. – Mathipriya, Subiksha & S Shiva Dharshan.

Learnt that we can learn everything. -Sachin, Anupama.

Came to like science because of him. – Tamilarasi & Ananya.

Learnt that creativity can help in pursuing a passion. -PM Dharsshan.

Learnt that passion has no age limit. -Ramyadevi, Keerthana & Aadarsh Kalyan.

He is just like an encyclopedia. – Prathiksha.

Love his dedication towards his passion. -Amruth Ganesh & Aadarsh Kalyan.

Learnt how important hard work, smartness, and never giving up is for success. -Amruth Ganesh, G Sripujitha, U Shriram & Pramarsha.

Admired and enjoyed his humility and simplicity. -Yashas Kumara


My Life My Passion: Love for Neurons – Dr Shyam Diwakar

During the session, My Life My Passion on June 4th 2013, Dr Shyam Diwakar spoke to the audience and gave a clear picture on neuropsychology and neuroscience. He explained further the mathematical modelling of cerebellar granule neurons and their network properties. He also elaborated the analogy of computational process with the human brain and the working mechanism of the neural network.


Dissolve yourself in your passion. Persistently practice for it to attain the perfection. Never bother about the outcomes.
– Aswathi TS

He took us to a world of the brain. He made our brain work.
– Shruti Sreevalsan

I got to know more about pursuing our goal and how to reach it
– Thiru Ramakrishnan T

He proved to us that nothing is permanent and that everything can be changed.
– Prabu Vignesh S

Extremely informative. Negative thinking implants negative actions. So think positive always and be happy.
– Vasudevan N

I felt that this class was more of information. We got to know some good facts about the brain.
– Jayadev HR

Everything in this world undergoes change and is a “closed loop”, a self-sustaining system. If everything in this cosmos is like this so am I.
– Aiswarya PL

Through his speech, I really came to know how our brain works and it was so informative.
– Priyadharshini J

A doctor come engineer is a rare combination. We learnt a lot of technical things about how the brain functions.
– Daamini Visaalaakshi

I was inspired by his scientific research, which was a great achievement, his way of answering questions.
– Neeraja Valsan

He is an ECE engineer but still, he decided to follow his passion as a neurosurgeon. The story is very similar to me. I wanted to be an Aerospace engineer but I landed up in ECE, I had given up my dreams but now I am inspired. It’s never too late and be crazy and follow your dreams.
– Prarthana Shedge

It was so inspiring.
– Ruxana VP

It was a good experience to have a Brain Researcher who is an Engineer coming to our camp for My Life, My Passion. Although he used technical terms which could not be interpreted by us(Commerce Students), it was a nice experience to know about his goals in life and his hard work.
– Akhila A

Nice talk..I wish to know more about brains.
– Silpasree SJ
Sir, you showed us how passion can lead you in life. You made us realize the value of dedication and attention. Thank you so much.
– Arjun CB

Shyamji’s session was good and kind of technical and difficult to comprehend, but was amazed by his life story.
– Sujith P Shaju

I came to know about my own brain (i.e. neurons’) functioning.
– Ram Prasath VR

Knowledgeable. Got know something about what is happening inside our brains.
– Prashanth S

I got to learn about the capabilities of human brain and how we can implement it.
– Divyaprasaath S

A simple, humble and a very avid Guru at dealing with connections and analogies between the brain and the computer.
– Hrishikesh Sivanandan

I learnt confidence from him.
– Balakrishnaveni A

Great. It was a research kind of talk while he also explained about his passion. It poked our sleeping brains making them more focused. Apart from the mechanical part I understood a lot.
– Gayathri PS

A man who is passionate and happy about what he is doing. I love the fact that he has come back to India and is working here. Truly awesome. An inspiration for the youth who think of making a change.
– Anjanikumar Pathak

My Life, My Passion: Love for the Plants – Dr P Pushpangadan

Padmashree Prof Dr.Palpu Pushpangadan gave a session to the campers about scientific research. Quoting from his long experience, he demonstrated that learning never stops and is a never-ending process. He told the children that consistent efforts will help to achieve the goal. He explained that if one has passion one must be ready to go out of the way to get started. He also advised the campers to respect their parents and that they are their biggest support.



I am really proud that he is a Malayali. His standard was a little bit higher than ours. – Jayasudha

I really have a doubt that is he a single man or hundred men? He was really inspiring. – K Gayathri

We can understand the interest that he had in his studies. His talents were uncountable. – G.Preethi

I thought he has made an unbreakable record. – P. Neela Sowndaravalli

He is a very good scientist in India after Ramanujam and J.C.Bose. – S.T.Aadithya Narayanan

He is the scientist he has more degrees and he is always happy. – J.Selva Tamil Udayan

Science Encyclopedia in human form. – A.Sivaramakrishnan

I’ve never came across genius like him! – P. Anandh Krishna

He is a great person. His knowledge in chemistry is awesome. – Anoosha M. Bhadauria

Amazing creation of God. I guess he started learning from his mother’s womb. What a person! – Shivankari. P. R

We got to know more about the scientific world. It made me feel that I should opt for a science-based stream. It also created an awareness in me that nothing is impossible if we work for it. – Rahul. C. M

Oh my gosh! I think he studied each and every moment of his life. He had all pain in his childhood and had joy in adulthood, and is a happy and proud man now. My salutations to him, I bow down to your hard work – M.Kousalya

Oh God, he had a list of his profession and of his talents, but I really want to thank him for postponing the operation and coming here for us!! – K.S.Amrita

He was a great scientist I have never seen. He is my inspiration. – B. Bhuvanesh

I was surprised to see a person who has done so many Ph.Ds, and has so many patents, and published so many papers in so many countries. – B. Pavitra

He inspired me because he invited us into the world of medicinal herbs. – S.Sabarinath

A talented man. I’ve never seen someone like him before in my life. He has made his life successful and I like to become like him. – K.S.Megha

Dr.Pushpangadan, this page is not enough to explain about him. I would nominate a person who had memorized his life and achievements. And we were stunned at how he had learned all these degrees. Thanks – Srinath. S

My Life, My Passion: Love for the Moon by BR Guruprasad

BR Guruprasad, ISRO Scientist & Science Communicator narrated how his school and teachers shaped up his characters.

He gave a beautiful power point presentation on Chandrayaan, India’s mission to the Moon. He explained the surface, conditions on the moon and the human exploration on it, how well Chandrayaan – 1 confirmed the presence of water on the moon soil. He also gave a bird’s eye view of various space programmes taken up by ISRO, how a satellite is launched through PSLV, and how it is put to the orbit.

Guruprasad also gave the perspective of the Moon both in terms of a scientist and a poet. This was the most interactive session, where children queued up to pose questions to him.

Feedback from some students..

There are many doors in life which are not open, just open the door which you like and explore. And you can achieve more than one thins in life. By all these sessions i can conclude that passion with work gives you happiness and there is no age limit for any learners. – Dhanush, Bangalore

Brought into me a thirst for knowledge and inspired us to read whatever occurred into our mind any time, irrespective of the subject. Enlightened us about the amount of hardnwork required to achieve our goal. – Chitkala S sharma, Mysore

I felt that he could have made it better by fascinating the children by telling  about the numerous unexplained phenomenon that exist in our universe. By doing so he could evoke the curiosity in the children about the ‘Lord’s master piece” i.e the universe.  – – Sunidhi Naik, Karwar

My Life, My Passion: Love for the computers by Dr. P Venkat Rangan

My Life, My Passion: by Dr. P Venkat Rangan, Vice Chancellor, Amrita University

Dr Rangan began the session by narrating how AMMA influenced his life in 1992 when he met her in Los Angeles and learn to shift his thinking from brain to heart.
Associated very well the networking speed in transferring knowledge between the “two super speed idiots” (computers) with respect to Amma’s ability to transfer the knowledge and demonstrated successfully how Amma can transform individuals into higher states.

He called upon the students to become Hanuman and invoke the potential in them. “Don’t treat humans like computers and computers like humans” he advised.
Demonstrated well how Amma overcame the hurdles of her life to become great today, by narrating her childhood biography — the barriers like economical, caste, regional, educational, language and gender.

He gave an invaluable equation of life for the success. Also stressed on the importance of accommodating the ideas of others in life by giving examples of own experiences.

16 Oct 2012