2012 Bala Workshops 12Bala

Chai making – workshop by Jayashree Menon

The tea making session was full of enjoyment as Jayashree Menon taught the children how to make tea with love and smile. The main ingredient of the tea was love and the main aspect of decoration was affection. She has successfully inspired the children in lending helping hand in the household chores with love and enjoyment.

Some feedback from students

After reaching home, I will make tea for both my parents. They will appreciate this and will be proud of me. – Varsha H J, Mysore

My tea used to taste horrible. But now I know how to make tea – Sahil, Karwar

Ma’am brought into me a bit of interest in cooking which I never had earlier. – Chitkala S Sharma, Mysore

This session helped me to believe in myself and realised even I can make better tea. – Sinatra, Karwar

From today onwards I can make tea for my mother – Sagar SC, Belgaum

I never made tea in my life. Now I learned how to make one. I will make tea for my parents after reaching Bangalore. – T Shashank Yadar

I learned to make tea and now after going home, I will make tea for all my family. – Sourath S Hosalkar, Karwar

I made tea for the first time and thank god, I was able to drink it. – Sunidhi Naik, Karwar

She taught me to cook food with love. – Divya R, Mysore