2012 Bala Yoga & Meditation 12Bala

Yoga by Gitamba

The benefit of each and every step in the Surya Namaskara was well explained and demonstrated. She taught integrated Amrita Yoga in a successful manner.

Feedback from some students…

By doing yoga I feel very much aligned with my body. – Saumya G, Karwar

Earlier I used to do some pranayamas but I found the asanas I learned from this champ worthy and was filled with love, peace and patience. – Sinatra, Karwar

I learned many asanas that will help in keeping my body healthy, strong and flexible. – Sagar SC, Belgaum

Geetamba is a great yoga teacher. – Sourath S Hosalkar, Karwar

We used to wake up at 5 a.m and do yoga which was taught by Geetamba ma. I learnt lots from her. She is the best. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

Geetamba helped us to kick start the day with exercise. She brought in us a fresh mood. – Shreyas Vernekar, Karwar

She taught us how to respect mother earth and the meaning of yoga, “union with God”. – Abhilasha A Naik, Belgaum

Superb! Both Geetamba ma’am and Amartya ma’am are angles of my life who helped me in overcoming my excessive sleep. – Ananya MS, Mysore

She teaches in a way that attracts any student towards yoga. Giving out instructions and correcting gently. Approval Sreenivasa, Mysore

It gave us a relaxing experience free from all worries and we felt mentally and physically calm, cool and fresh. – Kirti Kamat, Belgaum

It affected me a lot and made my body flexible. By doing yoga I feel refreshed and relaxed. Now, I like yoga very much. – Divya Dayanand, Mysore

From this session, I cultivated the habit of waking up early in the morning. From lazy guys, we turned fit and healthy children. – Sannidhi S, Karwar