2012 Bala My Passion 12Bala

My Life, My Passion: Love for Sri Rama – Ram Avatar Sharma

Dr Ramavatar Sharma began the session by giving the importance of visiting the temples and how one gets Samskara from it.

The enquiry at the age of 5 about Sri Rama made him able to seek the places he visited.

Gave a picturesque narration of how he went in search of Sri Rama’s path starting from the saint he met at Ayodhya. He has been doing research on Sri Rama’s 4 journeys for the last 37 years by visiting those places by foot or bicycle and mapping them!

Children experienced and listened to the words he lived, “until you become crazy about something you cannot achieve anything”.

Ram Avatar Sharmaji narrated his experiences in beautiful Hindi, during his travel amidst the forests and how he could see Sri Rama present in everyone’s heart. He established the fact that Hanuman was from Karnataka.

This was session endowed with simplicity, faith, consistency and devotion.
Sharmaji also shared his work on his travel in the form of the book with all the children.

Some feedback from students

I was really happy to hear that Hanuman is from Karnataka and his mother tongue is Kannada. – Saumya G, Karwar

Sharma sir showed us that there is no work which is impossible. If we have passion, we can achieve any heights. If he could travel the path Sri Rama travelled by cycling, we could all achieve our goals. The story told by him helped me to understand God is present in all, irrespective of their jobs. – Megha, Karwar

This session taught us how to implement the proverb “where there is a will, there is a way “, in our life. – Sinatra, Karwar

I learned we should all have dreams – Sagar SC, Belgaum

I learned a lot about Ramayana and I got to know Hanuman was from Karnataka. – Rohan K, Bangalore

Dr Ram Avatar who has taken up Sri Rama’s journey has made me realise we should be confident in whatever we do. – Shreyas J Kashyap

Maybe he is the only one who has found the journey of Sri Rama in Valmiki Ramayana. He has cycled from Ayodhya to Rameshwaram. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

We came to know more about Ramayana and the places where it must have taken place. – Sushma S, Bangalore