2013 Yuva My Passion 13Yuva

My Life My Passion: In the footsteps of Sri Ram – Dr Ram Avatar Sharma

Dr Ram Avatar Sharma gave an inspiring talk during the My Life, My Passion session on 7th June 2013. Sharmaji demonstrated from the experiences that he shared that there is no work which is impossible, and also that if we have passion, we can achieve any heights. He taught the audience that, to attain perfection, […]

2012 Bala My Passion 12Bala

My Life, My Passion: Love for Sri Rama – Ram Avatar Sharma

Dr Ramavatar Sharma began the session by giving the importance of visiting the temples and how one gets Samskara from it. The enquiry at the age of 5 about Sri Rama made him able to seek the places he visited. Gave a picturesque narration of how he went in search of Sri Rama’s path starting […]