What Samadhan a 15 year girl Renu Singh can give?

Adv. Renu Singh had very humorous and filmy childhood story. She shared with the children the mischievous pranks she played in the earlier days of her life and her journey of Samadhan has started.

The turning point of her life happened at the age of fifteen, when she stopped at a petrol pump in her motor bike, she saw a girl of age between 8-10 at a ration shop nearby. To her surprise she found that the girl was covered in fresh blood. She took her motor bike near to the girl and the girl jumped onto her bike. She took her home and her mother suddenly called her friend who was a doctor and the doctor found out that the girl was sexually abused by her own father and she was 2 months pregnant. However, she had to leave that girl with her mother. Six months later, Renu learnt that the 12-year-old was married off to a 42-year-old widower only to be found dead in a village pond within a week. After this incident she was very much sad and wanted to do something to protect such women.

After completing her degree in law, she has been constantly imparting legal awareness, capacity building and empowerment training to women of rural areas especially from the hilly states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Samadhan has rescued nearly 3800 women victims of violence rehabilitated and educated them. Most of them married and settled now. 1700 of them are practising advocates.

From her life story all the participants found an inspiration and would be able to stand up for a good cause for the society and find courage for doing that.


Amritavarshini ER
I understood the purpose and meaning of life. I also understood that we are the instruments in the hands of God.

Maisija BR
Boldness !

BS Pramarsha
We should fight for the welfare of the society.

Vaishnavi gopalasamy
Her humor and wit had us rolling around laughing. Her life shows that we can do anything we want to do regardless of our age and limitations.

T Mano Akshaya
I think I need her boldness.

Richa B Arun
She is a great person who has fully surrendered to the Supreme power. I saw that bliss in her.

Shreya R
Her boldness, courage and honesty is something we all can take with us. What she does and the person she is was truly inspiring.

Aavani R
I learnt about the goodness of helping people .

R Abhishek
I will also join her team and after 5 or 6 years, I want to address as a guest speaker in the My life, my passion session at Gitamritam in the future.

Aditya Udapudi
She inspired me to never give up on who we are, what we do and also our dharma.

Pradul Krishna
I learned the role that Bhagavad Gita plays in our life.

Amrita MU
Her dedication, willpower and faith is an example to us.

Aishwarya K
I learnt that we should always be happy doing our own work. Whatever the world may say, we should carry on.

Abhighna S
Extremely strong. She is serving society and her lifestyle teaches us what Gita says.

Ranjana B
Her hard work towards saving the girls is exceptional and can a make change in everyone’s life.

Namitha PL
A wonderful help for the society by saving and empowering women and children who are abused.

Gayathri G
I saw a person who is rough outside and soft inside.

Amrutha JM
No matter what others would think of us, we must be bold and should help others in situations of need to actually learn and practice what is said in the Bhagavad Gita.

Gunjan R Jain
I loved her jolly character and the way she led her life. It was just amazing…

Sneha Sunil
She is very mischievous! She has a soft mind but she didn’t show it. That is what a person should have.

Anagha CS
Actually she was too hilarious..!! I enjoyed alot.

Pavitra b
I liked her positive attitude towards every instance in life and her urge to help women in trouble. She is a very good follower of the Bhagavad Gita and I found what she said about the Gita was true.

Her life story is like a movie, it is too funny..!!

Fight for what is right, it will give us the greatest happiness…

Vishwom S Revankar
The importance of the Divine in our lives and the teachings of the Gita is what makes her happy even till today.

Sujay Mahendra Phayde
Dedicate yourself to a purpose, don’t run behind God, do something that will make God rush to you !

S Poorana Porkalai
Wow! A totally different person in childhood and at present. One incident changed her life and now she has so many troubles but never worries about it. A great disciple of Amma…Whatever she does she offers it to the Lord.

Vrinda Rao
She is just amazing.. The work she is doing is great and because of her speech I am convinced that I should join her when I am 18.

Anusha Mantri
I will always look up to her as a role model because she took 200 pills to save another girl’s life. She fights for her girls with her life like a real mother.

Apeksha Gaonkar
I learnt how to help people by doing social work.

Shivangi Singh
I loved her because she is strong enough to fight with the world. I would like to become like her.

Gautami Gurav
I don’t have any words to describe her because the work she is doing…. I loved it and from today I will also help everyone.

Venkat Subramanian RM
She created a great inspiration in me to work for the society

V Akshay
She is my inspiration.

Rishikesh Premraj
She taught me that life is a drama with full of surprises and secrets. I also loved the way she helps the society.

Laxmishree UM
A humorous lady with full of happiness !!

Vaishnavi Narayanan
She is a humorous, loving, sweet, charming, dedicated and a stubborn lady who works for the welfare of our society. She is a role model everyone can look up to, to understand the concepts of the Bhagavad Gita. She is a very passionate lady.

Raj Sathveeka RS
I like social work. I like to do it. So, she is my role model.

Joshika B
An inspiring lady who has the guts to save her life from her uncle and to work for the welfare of abused women and girls. She also fights for children to protect them and she is happy doing all that.

Muveshika Y
I want be like he like her, happy and with a helpful mind.

R Niranjanan
She is so cheerful, happy and sweet. As Dhyanji said, she is like a coconut…Strong and bold outside but soft and sweet in the inside. Really really enjoyed her session !

Aparna V
Her humourous and outstanding description of her life was a new lesson for all of us.

Revant talekar
Loved her talk! Loved her work ! From her life story, her childhood, her inspiration, her work, her “marriage” 😛 , her present, everything was so awesome! It was an enriching experience.

Yuvraj Vernekar
I learned that we can be always happy, at any moment of our life. Just trust the lord.

My Life My Passion: Love for the Society -Praveen Patkar

Pravin Patkar, Founder-Director of Prerana gave a session on “Tribal Bondage”. He awakened the children’s minds to the issues of Tribal Bondage, specifically how the Karakari Tribals are purchased to do seasonal work in charcoal making and in agriculture, and how he walked over 400 km and ventured to rescue the bonded tribal children.

He also enlightened about the commercial sexual harassment in the Red Light area, and how many children are exploited for sexual purposes and organized begging. He also spoke about how he and his wife worked to rescue and guarantee such children a better life. They started the World’s First ‘Night creche’. He told the children to be thankful to God for keeping them safe, and urged them to take a decision that you make ‘everybody safe’. The children were given information about the facility – Child Helpline-1098, and asked them to be alert always to protect themselves.


I have to say he is my number one inspiration in this world, who saved the life of so many different children from problems like prostitution and drug abuse. – Madhav Govind

I was really sad to know how my brothers and sisters were suffering. I will try my best to help them. – Jayasudha

I surely will put my level best in saving such abused people in society. – S Atchaya

He is also an inspiration to me. – Jeeva.s

His speech made me very aware of the problem faced by children. – P. Neela Sowndaravalli

He is a hero to us. He saved more than a thousand young girls from trafficking -S.T.Aadithya Narayanan

I think he is the real hero. – M. Subash

Shri Praveen Patkar saved 9000 people. He is a real hero! – M. IENIYAN

Even if he is facing a lot of problems, he is saving the girls. He is a great man. We can see that the girls are affecting only in our country. We have to stop this and have to save the girls. – K.S.Akshaya

He is taking so much effort to save the children, I appreciate him. – Kharthick Rham M

I learnt about what is happening in the world. – M.Chithambaresh

He devoted his whole life to save children and women. He has done a great job. – R. Kowsanth kalidas

I love the way he perceives life! He surely has imbibed a lot of Gita in his life. I could see how he is a living example for the Gita. – Chitkala S

His fight against trafficking is a great job .it is an inspiration to me. – Divyadayanand

My most awaited session of Gitamritam camp, an inspiring session. – Varija V

A model couple for society. They are doing such a good work, risking their lives. Their work is selfless. Thanks to the whole family who saved many lives. – Amrita.J.M

All the social service he did is just so great. No one else could save 9000 children. – Amrutha Ramakrishna

I was able to know the problems the children of my age faced. – Divya.R

Human trafficking is unfair. – Sanjan C S

I am proud that he is an Indian. – A.Sivaramakrishnan

He informed a lot about the other side of India and gave me the awareness of what happens in the world. – S.Prem Santhosh

He is an amazing person. He and his wife took care of so many children and helped them to lead a happy life. They got threats but they continued and still continue to help these children as they can’t tolerate the injustice done to these children. – Rishika Rajkumar

It made me flow into tears. – P. Anandh Krishna

I felt he is very simple and humble. The work which he was doing is really great. – Anoosha M. Bhadauria

I was and still, am really inspired by the way he has decided to spend his life. His dedication to helping the people affected by child trafficking is remarkable. – Vaishnavi G

Great. Inspiring. And he is a model of love. I saw 9000 children’s sorrow in an hour. – Shivankari. P. R

He is the role model for me. He inspired me a lot through his speech. – P.Palani Pushpam

He taught me that service to humankind brings us happiness. – Greeshma P

He created an awareness among us. And we got to know more about social issues. -Athmika Prajesh

I would also help like them. – Shantanu Sriranjan.B

He taught us how to face life’s difficulties. – Akash P Rajan

Taught us to help others. – P. Mukundh Krishna

It helped me to understand the present situation. It helped me to be aware of the problems which matter the youth. It made me take a resolution that I would spend at least a few hours for my nation. – Rahul. C. M

He told us a very shocking experience and he reminded us to be alert. – Ramakrishnan p s

He is one of the most important helpers and he saved many children’s lives. He inspired us and through his help, we will also help the children!! – P.Surat Kumar

These days the amount of injustice and abuse did to the girls spreads like wildfire. It was really brave of Mr. Praveen Patkar to take initiative to protect the girls after passing all the hurdles that came through, and by forming organizations. – Mrinalini Ashok

I learned how to help the people. – B. Bhuvanesh

His compassion towards these children was wonderful. – M.Rithikaa

Mr. Praveen Patkar was the person who inspired a lot. His life full of struggles to stop trafficking and prostitution and also his guts inspired me the most. – G. Sathiyapriya

I have seen so many children treated badly and would wonder if there was no one to help them. I thought I would help them but I did not get a chance to help. I was very happy when I saw that atleast one person had the thought to help them. – B. Pavitra

He inspired me because he came against the child labour. He had drudanichaya. – S.Sabarinath

We people usually feel delicate to talk about sex, trafficking etc, but Patkarji explained to us about this, and I will also start serving girls from now on. – K.S.Megha

He was a great man. He is helping the children to grow well and abolish red light trafficking. He has done a great job for his country. Some of the points in his talk made me think that our country is going in the wrong way – Are women themselves ready to do this and do police officers support this act? I felt proud that a single family in this whole of India is helping to develop the condition of our country even after getting critically weak physically.  – S.Aishwarya

Hats off to Mr. Praveen Patkar who help the girls and boys from danger. – Yamini Vijayakumar

In spite of threats to his life, he continued his social work which is to be saluted. – Chaaran. A

He has given us a lesson saying that while you live for others you attain a satisfaction. I would like to follow in his footsteps. – Bharath Biju

He enlightened us about the real society and the real-life situations which we miss. He made us aware of the real situation of our country. Thanks – Srinath. S

He is a courageous person. It was thrilling to hear about his life. – N.M.Tharani Taran

I was inspired by Mr. Praveen Patkar’s speech. – Hari Chandhana Varma

My Life, My Passion: Love for the red light girls – Praveen & Priti Patkar

My Life, My Passion:  Praveen Patkar and Smt. Priti Patkar

This was one of the most touching guest lectures. Pravin Patkar began the session with an analogy of the city’s waste dump yard to the filth of the society, i.e., human trafficking. He described the current situation of the children on the streets and made the students to realize the dangers such children are facing.

He stressed the need for passion for bringing change in the society as youth in their lives.

The couples shared their experiences and challenges they faced in their early days of serving the needy people during floods, riots, etc. They beautifully narrated their success story that brought change in the lives of children in the red light area of Mumbai through their sustained efforts for rehabilitation.

Mr & Mrs Patkar demonstrated their courage in spite of having enemies in the flesh trade and criminals of all sorts from the red light area and their sacrifice of personal security for the sake of children of the destitute.

Some feedback from the students

They made me realise how lucky I am. I am born and brought up in a surrounding with no trouble. – Dhanush B

We live in this world where there are not only good things but also cruelty. I have been always seeing this life of pleasure and so has never thought about children of my own age, suffering from cruelties of people in this world. I had heard about child trafficking but never took it this serious. This session made us realise the sorrows and feelings of these children and has inspired us to take up social service jobs, if not in a big way, to the extend possible in our own little manner. – Megha, Karwar

It was an awakening and altering program. I felt very inspired and felt I also should do something as these great personalities did – Sinatra, Karwar

I am so much inspired by them that I have decided to become a social worker. – Suyash M P, Karwar

They were a couple who had no fear and went forward and helped children. – T Shashank Yadar

I was shocked to hear they have helped almost 9000 children. – Vaneesh V, Belgaum

They are like the parents of children who are trafficked. They have saved 9000 children. Truly this is a great job done by them. – Akshay S Prasad, Karwar

I also want to do something like them for the society. – Amrita J M, Mysore