2015 Bala My Passion 15Bala

What Samadhan a 15 year girl Renu Singh can give?

Adv. Renu Singh had a very humorous and filmy childhood story. She shared with the children the mischievous pranks she played in the earlier days of her life and her journey of Samadhan has started. The turning point of her life happened at the age of fifteen when she stopped at a petrol pump in […]

2013 Bala My passion 13Bala

My Life My Passion: Love for the Society -Praveen Patkar

Pravin Patkar, Founder-Director of Prerana gave a session on “Tribal Bondage”. He awakened the children’s minds to the issues of Tribal Bondage, specifically how the Karakari Tribals are purchased to do seasonal work in charcoal making and in agriculture, and how he walked over 400 km and ventured to rescue the bonded tribal children. He […]

2012 Bala My Passion 12Bala

My Life, My Passion: Love for the red light girls – Praveen & Priti Patkar

My Life, My Passion:  Praveen Patkar and Smt. Priti Patkar This was one of the most touching guest lectures. Pravin Patkar began the session with an analogy of the city’s waste dump yard to the filth of the society, i.e., human trafficking. He described the current situation of the children on the streets and made […]