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Photography: shoot what you Love

A photography workshop was conducted by Br. Dhyanamrita. He explained how to take an interesting photo and what frame of mind one needs.


One of my interests is photography. Till I attended this class I didn’t know that photography can also be related to Gita. Swamiji taught us how to take good photographs of this changing world and life. Thank you, Swamiji.
– Prabu Vignesh S

I was a boy with fairly no idea about photography. All I used to do was to take photos without having much knowledge about the technicalities involved. Thanks to this session, as it brought about a big change in the way I look at and imagine objects.
– Vasudevan N

I gained knowledge on the creativity behind the photos, like how to take photos in the right ways – eye, view, etc.
– Aswathi TS

That was the session which I found was amazing. I could come to know various things in photography.
– Shruti Sreevalsan

I learnt how to take a photo and I got few good tips.
– Thiru Ramakrishnan T

The photography workshop was very informative and inspired us to be creative.
– Jayadev HR

With this we saw how beautiful the nature is and how we can enjoy the nature.
– Mopuri Saitheja

I like this class most because I learnt how to take photos more effectively.
– Miryala Akhil Bharadwaj Maharaj

Eyes are not enough to see but important. See everything without any bias and prejudice. Seeing is happiness!
– Aiswarya PL

I really like to click photos but didn’t know how to do that correctly but here I came to know how to do that properly.
– Priyadharshini J

It is very easy to think just clicking pictures makes a good photographer, but photography is a way of mind is something I learnt. Things about various nontechnical nuances of photography were taught which I think will be taught nowhere in the world(100% guarantee). The pictures which we saw were too creative, innovative and kindled us to think differently. The proof of this was us trying our hands-on-photography during the trek. Dhyanji you are very versatile.
– Daamini Visaalaakshi

The session taught us the angle through which a photo needs to be seen and when it should be clicked.
– Neeraja Valsan

Although I expected a hands-on workshop, I learned a few concepts of a ‘good photography’.
– Prarthana Shedge

Wow, that’s epic. From photography, I learned that everything in life should be achieved at the right, time right place and that is how photography is.
– Arun Prasath B

I love photography, it is my passion. Swamiji helps us to know more about the photography.
– Ruxana VP

The session was very interesting and informative. Got more interest in photography.
– Saranya

Well, I got to know that photography is not just about clicks and cameras, but the attitude, the passion, and patience is important as well. Loved it!!
– Geethanjali VS

We came to know about the aspects that make a photo meaningful and powerful through Swamiji’s vision like right mind, right frame, the right moment, right eye, right settings, etc.
– Akhila A

From this section, I learnt how to make the right decisions. Before attending I was very weak in my decision making. Now onwards I will opt for the right thing.
– Aarathy ER

I only knew to pose. It was the fist time encountering the technical aspects. It was worth it.
– Aswathi Krishna RL

It was a nice session by our Swamiji and nice pictures. I got amazed by seeing that we can take a photo in different angles.
– Silpasree SJ

Swamiji’s photography workshop was very useful and informative. He taught us the different ways and dimensions to take a photograph. I would like to thank him for his effort, even though he has not taken any official classes in photography he is a photographer by nature, he shared with us his life experiences.
– Anjali Anil

Dhyanji, You opened our third eye, the camera and taught us the main qualities of a photographer which we can’t learn from anywhere else. You also made us realize how to use this third eye to see what our normal eyes fail to notice. Thank You, Swamiji.
– Arjun CB

After I became interested in photography I am more aware of the movements happening around nature. Thanks, Swamiji for sharing the knowledge of photography with your students.
– Abhishek Suratkal

It gave me some passion to continue as a hobby and ideas in capturing exquisite photos.
– Sujith P Shaju

It was totally a new thing for me. I wished to always be there in the pictures but didn’t want to click pictures. Gita helped me in looking through the cameras eye with new creativity.
– Dilip Kumar B

Photography, as is my hobby (wildlife, nature and portrait) is the most interesting thing to me. And I have improved my photography through this session.
– Rahul Kowshik R

Since my passion lies in photography I knew most of the things. Also, I should mention dhyanji is very good in his photography skills.
– Nishanth Bhat K

It was good to be frank. I got interest after seeing all those photos.
– Koushik KKS

First time in my life I looked at my world with the hi-tech which the Lord has given to me. I understood how photos to change the world.
– Sathyamoorthy A

This session taught me to how we should think and act when we take photos.
– Ram Prasath VR

I got to know what is special about photography – “see through your mind, not camera lens”. Started taking photos which I feel is really different.
– Prashanth S

Dhyanji once again helped us with a few tips which are very useful.
– Divyaprasaath S

A well-conducted workshop by a self-trained photographer. Our beloved person with the most captivating laugh. Guess who?
– Hrishikesh Sivanandan

I thought taking a photo was only to view the picture and just click it but now I understood it needs something more than that.
– Balakrishnaveni A

I did not know anything before. I think I acquired some aesthetic sense. It was fun.
– Gayathri PS

The class was taken from a totally different and an amazing point of view of the person standing behind the camera. Even in spite of not being interested in that stream it was a wonderful experience to see those fantastic shots!
– Medhini Menon

From this class, we learned the importance of concentration and also learning the factors required for a photograph was interesting.
– Parvathy Venugopal

The session was good. Got to know the essentials for taking an interesting photo.
– Anjanikumar Pathak