Why should we learn Gita which is an old textbook?

Bhagavad Gita  is not a textbook. Even though it is printed and published by Sage Vyasa, it deals with the eternal values one must have in life – certain do’s and don’ts. It is an instruction manual for all human beings. It teaches us how to deal with the objects of the world and people, its nature and limitations.


When we buy a new machine, we always get an instruction manual which describes what all it can do, how to operate it, under what conditions it will operate in an effective way, etc. If we do not follow these instructions, it can even damage the machine. Similarly, Gita is the manual for living. Human body and mind are the apparatus given to us. We must know what is mind and what is body and we should also know how to operate them to utilize it in the most effective way to reach the highest in life. Gita teaches us how to live in this world which is filled with challenges and diametrically opposite situations of life like  victory – failure, loss – gain, pain – pleasure, birth – death. In such a situation, how do we live peacefully and lead a happy life? Gita deals with this subject.

Gita is not old. It’s fresh. By learning Gita, we will be able to handle all the situations of life in a better way. Face and handle them – all with a smile.