Gita is for the old and dead. Not for us

This is another misconception people usually have about Gita. First of all, let us look at who was Gita told to – Arjuna. Arjuna who wanted to achieve something in life, for which he had been preparing all along with his life. Gita was given to him and not for an old person. Gita was given to a person who wanted to achieve something in life and was ready to act for it. So, it is not for the old. Upon learning Gita properly, we will understand that it is extremely useful in our day to day life.


Gita is not an old Sanskrit text that you need to by-heart and read. It is a set of values, principles and instructions which when followed, one becomes successful in life.

You may have great dreams and passion in life that you want to achieve. In the process, you would have to face many difficulties. People who supported you might turn against you. The friends might turn as enemies. You might lose all your wealth or meet with an accident, even worse lose your health completely. In life, when these situations arise, how will we pursue your goal? What are the things to keep in mind to still pursue that passion? These are the subjects of discussion in Gita.

Old man Drutarashtra also heard Gita, nothing happened to him. His sorrow was not removed. For Arjuna, he could remove the sorrow and ultimately become victorious.

You may argue that it’s for the dead? NO way. They can’t hear anything, they are dead. It will not help them at all. Gita is for the one who is living, not for the dead.  Spiritual knowledge is only for the living. Whatever you cannot achieve when you are alive, you cannot achieve after your death. Sastras is very clear on that.

When our breath stops, and desire remains, that is Death….
When our desire stops,  and breath remains, that is Moksha” !!!