2018 Bala My Passion 18Bala

Love for Surgery: My Life My Passion – Dr Mohit Sharma

Dr. Mohit Sharma Clinical Professor. Specialist in for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Burn Surgery, Ear Reconstruction, from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences spoke about his life and passion. Dr Sharma started with his experiences in school. He said that all through his life he always wanted to improve and do something better. Through an anecdote from […]

2013 Yuva My Passion 13Yuva

Love for the hearts: Dr R Krishna Kumar

Dr Krishna Kumar spoke to the campers during the My Life, My Passion session on June 5, 2013. In this talk, he urged the audience to accept challenges in life. He said it is important to be constantly challenged in life because it stimulates changes and hence keeps us alive. He added that learning is […]