2018 Nipun

Grab life by the horns: Prasad Deole

The session by Mr Prasad Deole, an adventure tourism entrepreneur on ‘My work, My Life’ was an exhilarating account of a journey of success.

The session was a truly electrifying experience, testified the camp participants unanimously. According to Gayathri, the experience was like “Being in a lab with a professor to see demonstrations of Gita’s applications in real life.” As Prasad Deole illustrated Gita concepts with examples from his own life, participants became hooked to his speech and found the unique concept of GPRS -(goal-plan-role-start it) a blueprint for a successful life. With ‘mind-blowing’ answers to almost all questions thrown at him, the articulate Mr Deole became “a role model for the audience to apply Gita in their professional lives in every way possible.’’

The essence of the session was the importance of discovering your passion as early as possible and pursuing it with all your energy, observed participant Arpit Agrawal. Enjoying work as if it were a game was an invaluable pearl of wisdom and the session also taught him to be shameless in pursuing his goal, he went onto say.

For Rohith T, the session taught him to be perfect in a way that he doesn’t have to run behind the duties anymore. The duties began to run after him instead, he remarked.

When you take life as a game, it becomes easy to take a risk, said Shakthi Subramanian. He went onto say that the session was such a powerful experience that it encouraged me to think of starting a company. For participant Subhilash, the session was a thought-provoking experience and he considered Deole a man who lives Gita in the modern era, setting a memorable example for everyone else.

How to put the principles of Gita into practice in work-life was the key takeaway of the session for many. Dhanush was one among those who found the Gita to be a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and a valuable handbook for life. Knowledge from the ancient scriptures that stood the test of time, it liberated many participants from ‘Maya’ and enabled them to look at life with a neutral point of view. It was the case of Praveen Raja P who said that the session has given him a pair of brand new eyes to look at life with a new perspective. ‘’I felt like as if a veil was lifted off my eyes. Now I realize that I had been looking at life with a very narrow point of view.’’

The value of failure as a learning experience, it was a unique insight for me, said Abhishek Ahuja. But the true eye-opener was the realization that ‘Life is too short to waste time on worrying about anything’, he continued, ‘That wisdom enabled me to take life as a game, which is to be enjoyed every moment.’ The session was a truly enriching experience for him, said Ahuja.

The ability to look at life objectively was a great insight everyone learned from Mr Deole’s session. Realizing the concept of detachment and practising it in real life brought them rich dividends, they said. Yugesh Moturi and Laxmi Narayanan were among those who found the concept of user-ship more interesting than ownership as it allowed you to take a neutral stand in every circumstance.

The session by Prasad Deole was well-received by the audience and they remarked that it was a very engaging, topical, 100% productive and value-added experience. Arun Kumar considered Deole to be a Spiritual businessman who sold ‘the art of pursuing your goals on the face of overwhelming obstructions’. Ashwin Kumar, another participant observed that the session was instrumental in helping him to have a practical, logical approach towards life.