Prasad Deole

Mr Prasad Deole, an adventure tourism entrepreneur had an exhilarating account of a journey of success. Back in 1998, it was an outright irrational idea to invest in an adventure sports and outbound training centre as no one in India had tried such a task earlier. Definitely, it was a venture full of risk and uncertainty but Mr Deole and his partner went ahead with their vision and established Z Bac Adventures Pvt. Ltd. the next year at Kolad, Maharashtra. The whole project materialized from an idea of a personality development program for children through adventure sports.

It was a herculean task to convince school PT teams and corporate HR departments to come out of their comfort zones and enter an outdoor arena. But, once the word spread about the unique location and experience, people began flocking to Z Bac Adventures, making it India’s first adventure resort. Eventually, it achieved an ISO certification and redefined the concept of corporate training and adventure holidays in India.