Profile: Dr R Ganesh, Carnatic Muscian

In spite of being a university rank holder in Veterinary Science, chose to follow his passion for Carnatic music and made that into his profession.

Dr R Ganesh, Carnatic Musician

Belongs to the family lineage of Great Composers Shri Kavikunjara Bharathigal and Shri Koteeswara Iyer, who was the first to compose krithis in all the 72 Mela-kartha ragas and the lineage which could be traced back to the famous Saint Thyagaraja!

He was not pressured at home to follow music but the conditions were made conducive and the interest in music was kindled by his father during his childhood. Ganesh started his training in vocal Carnatic music at the age of 10 who was born in 1968.

Inspired by the songs of Sri Maharajapuram Sandhanam, he made it his life’s goal to learn music only from him. Had “Gurukulavasa” system of training from the Great Maestro for six years.

Has started giving individual music concerts throughout India after 1992 and has been performing in leading music institutions in India and abroad. He is a regular performer and an “A” grade artist in All India Radio and Doordarshan.

Dr Ganesh has given exclusive concerts based on themes – kritis of a particular composer. For the International Conference of Siva Bhaktas, he rendered “Om Namasivaya” in 108 ragas named Siva Haaram.


Since 1998 he has been conferred upon with various prestigious awards like The Maharajapuram Memorial Prize, G.R.Chari Memorial Prize, Shri Nataraja Iyer Memorial Award, Sangitha Chinthamani, Yuva Kala Bharathi, Gnana Sangeetha Mani, Isai Arasar, the Youth Excellence award, Asthana Vidwan, Sri Veda Vyasa Kala Seva Ratna, Chennaionline – Isai Vendar, Isai Peroli, Vijaya Vitthala Prashasti, Sangeetha Seva Ratna, Nadha Chinthamani, Sangeethacharya Bhushan, Sangeetha Kalabharathi and Sangeetha Mummoorthigal Seva Bhushan.

Eight audio albums also were released by leading gramophone companies in his name.

Social Service:

Irai Isai Payanam is an innovative method which the artistes do not receive any remuneration and the entire proceeds of the concert go for noble causes like renovation of old temples which are uncared for. He has collected nearly Rs.25 lakhs out of 60 concerts so far for various temples renovations.

Gitamritam speaker in the year 2015.