2018 Nipun

Think and grow rich: A session on passionate, professional approach towards work

In this session on ‘My work, My life’, Mr. K. Nandakumar, founder & CEO of SunTec technologies spoke of his philosophy for life and success. The technology evangelist with more than two decades of experience under his belt shared his insights with the participants of Gitamritam Nipun 2018.

Even though the session was ‘too technical and confusing’ for participants like Mr Sajith Nair, they found the speaker’s practical wisdom and his passion for work to be inspiring. ’I was impressed by the way he enjoys his work and the down-to-earth attitude he maintains.’ ‘said Ms Gayathri Sarmishta, a participant.

Another vital point was the importance of prioritizing: the ability to think clearly and make decisions wisely in accordance with your long-time goals. Obviously, it is a hard lesson to practice as you need to place logic above all your emotional considerations. Mr. Arpit Agrawal observed that “You can’t have everything with your limited bandwidth and if you have to excel in your goals, then you have to prioritize things.” The session was a value-added experience for many and participants like Mr Srivardhan TP observed that ‘Having a clear focus on what you want to achieve can help you in achieving the same quickly.’

An important takeaway for the participants was the wisdom on careful planning which is critical for the smooth execution of any project. Participant Mr.  Venkitesh P. G. said he has ‘learned to have a professional and planned approach to every event in life.’ For Ms. Preeta Sampath, the session was an eye-opener that taught her the importance of hard work, constant innovation and finding happiness in what you do. The work and life experiences of Mr. Nandakumar have served to be a great source of learning for us, said Mr. Praveen Raja with enthusiasm.

In spite of being a successful entrepreneur, Mr Nandakumar came across as a down to earth man and that attitude has inspired many like Mr. Subhilash. His level-headedness and receptive outlook towards the world made him a wonderful human being, observed Mr Arun Kumar S. Instead of living in a high castle, Mr Nandakumar chose to interact with commoners as he knew he has to learn a lot, remarked Mr Rohith T. It was a great personality trait which could make anyone a dynamic leader, he noted.

His effectiveness as a technology evangelist and thought leader was put to test at the time of the colossal dotcom burst but he emerged victoriously, observed Mr. Shakthi Subramanian. The resilience showcased by Mr Nandakumar can be attributed to his ability to change and adapt, observed Mr Shakti and noted that anyone could learn from his experience.  

His insights on material wealth were inspiring, noted Mr. Ashwin Kumar who found the session to be a thought-provoking experience. ‘The way he balances his work and personal life was truly inspirational and his philosophy of being happy in doing your work was a true revelation. Now I understand it is the key, the only way, to succeed in whatever you do. Mr Nandakumar is truly a role model for me.,’ stated Mr Dhanush B. N.  Overall, the participants found the session to be a truly inspiring experience.