2018 Nipun

Yoga: The art of awakening the force within

As part of the Nipun ’18 camp, the sessions on Yoga and Yoga Nidra were conducted by eminent scholar Dr Sripad H. Ghaligi. The session was packed with energy, said the participants who considered it as an exhilarating experience. “Sripad Ji has beautifully explained the basics of Yoga, complete with practical tips’’, remarked Mr Abhishek A […]

2013 Yuva Yoga & Meditation 13Yuva

Yoganidra: Sleep with awareness

Yoga Nidra session by Brahmachari Mukesh Kumar was there every day. Campers were made to sleep/relax consciously for 30 minutes. With simple instructions in the background of music made everyone relax totally. It is a very good and efficient relaxation technique.– Aswathi TS Yoganidhra was a very wonderful and amazing experience and it helped us […]