2013 Yuva Yoga & Meditation 13Yuva

Yoganidra: Sleep with awareness

Yoga Nidra session by Brahmachari Mukesh Kumar was there every day. Campers were made to sleep/relax consciously for 30 minutes. With simple instructions in the background of music made everyone relax totally.

It is a very good and efficient relaxation technique.
– Aswathi TS

Yoganidhra was a very wonderful and amazing experience and it helped us to refresh ourself in a short span.
– Pranav S

It helped us become relaxed and also to get awareness.
– Shruti Sreevalsan

It was very relaxing and useful.
– Thiru RamaKrishnan T

He taught us how to sleep, but not with some dreams. He taught us how to relax and relieve our strain without a doctor.
– Prabu Vignesh S

Sleep is the most powerful weapon in this world. Sleep gives us happiness.
– Vasudevan N

It was one of the most enjoyable sessions of the camp. I could hear only the first few words of Mukeshji and then I don’t remember anything. It was a very good recharge session.
-Jayadev HR

After this session I felt more cool and relaxed.
– Miryala Akhil Bharadwaj Maharaj

It taught me how to concentrate on our own body parts while we are sleeping. Each and every part is precious in our body.
– Priyadharshini J

This was like a stress buster. We got time to relax after some busy times. This concept should be implemented in the schools too!!
– Daamini Visaalaakshi

The much-awaited session of the day. It was a very relaxing session and as it was handled by Mukesh Swamiji, it added effect.
– Neeraja Valsan

I needed this. Kept me energetic the whole day!
– Prarthana Shedge

– Arun Prasath B

It is the only session where we got relief and it increased my awareness.
– Ruxana VP

– Saranya

The session that we all loved!!
– Geethanjali VS

Mukeshji’s Yoga Nidra helped us to learn the right way to sleep. Gave peace of mind after the Nidra.
– Akhila A

Be relaxed always!!!
– Aarathy ER

No words. I had never observed or concentrated on my own body. Heartfelt thanks for that amazing session. It was indeed a refreshing session.
– Aswathi Krishna RL

Best session in the Gitmritam camp. Superb. Now I learned how to sleep properly.
– Silpasree SJ

We got a nice and  peaceful sleep in these sessions. He taught us the correct way of sleeping.
– Anjali Anil

Mukeshji, Thank you so much for being with us all these days. Your sessions and games were just awesome. Yoga Nidra sessions were just energizing and thank you so, so much for helping us out, despite having to go through that rigorous travel to reach us.
– Arjun CB

Mukeshji, it was a mind blowing session and can’t forget it in my life ever.
– Sujith Paliath Shaju

I was aware of this but in the sitting position. It was a huge change in the way I did and helped me in relaxing a lot and got my cervical pain relieved for hours.
– Dilip kumar B

I have learned how to get deep sleep. The Yoganidra was very good.
– Rahul Kowshik R

In Yoganidra we have to be in our awareness. It makes us feel refreshed.
– Nishanth Bhat K

I really learnt how to sign off my mind when required.
– Koushik KKD

Learned much from this session, and from Mukeshji, he is my Guru.
– Sathyamoorthy A

I learned how to sleep.
– Ram Prasath VR

I should thank Mukeshji for this because he took the stress out of us.
-Divyaprasaath S

We will miss you a lot, Mukeshji. Your soft melodious voice would lull us to sleep each day, well, at least for the first few days. Then, for the next two days, you taught us that we could control our bodies even when asleep. Thank you for making us believe in ourselves and do something that we thought could not be done otherwise.
– Hrishikesh Sivanandan

The most wanted session by all of us and I get so relaxed when I do that.
– Balakrishnaveni A

Well it was something. I always drifted to my semi-conscious mind. I don’t know if that is how it works,but I really felt peaceful after waking.
– Gayathri PS

Helped us to focus on oneself which we feel is the most difficult to focus on, although towards the end of the session I would fall asleep. It was really relaxing!
– Medhini Menon

It really helped to relax and also to forget everything else.
-Parvathy Venugopal

Really enjoyed it. Every time I tried not to sleep but I used to fall asleep. Liked his humour and jokes.
– Anjani Kumar Pathak