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Cook Aloo paratha with love

When food is cooked with love then the senses ceases its action only heart responds.
– Aswathi TS

Well I had a good time making paratha and tea. It is helpful for preparing our own food at times of emergency.
– Pranav S

Cooking the thing given to us was like playing a game, waiting to know if have I won in it.
– Shruti Sreevalsan

Cooking was another fun and we celebrated it and enjoyed it. My aloo porotta was a bit hard but I think it was tasty (belief in ourselves).
– Amrita Sindhu M

This is my first time cooking and I learnt how to prepare food. I learnt how much difficult it will be to cook for my mother.
– Thiru Ramakrishnan T

Every time I used to cook for myself but I couldn’t bear to taste it. But I know that it was done by me so I can’t blame myself. Jayashree mam taught me how to cook like my mother. Thank you, mam.
– Prabu Vignesh S

Cooking! I was filled with happiness after eating the parathas made by my own hands. This session was superb and I learnt that if one cooks a dish along with love, it’s the most delicious dish in the whole world.
– Vasudevan N

Cooking was a very enjoyable event. I have made up my mind to learn cooking properly from my mother in the holidays.
– Jayadev HR

While cooking we got a point about how much patience we should have to get our need.
– Mopuri Saitheja

In my life up to now I never cooked any thing but first time I did in that class. Then I understood how we need to manage everything, then only taste will be good, and life also.
– Miryala Akhil Bharadwaj Maharaj

My first experiment with wheat flour, chilly and stove! Incredible. I feel that I should be cooking with this love and care whenever I do!
– Aiswarya PL

Though I knew cooking I really enjoyed it when I was doing that with my teammates. It was so interesting.
– Priyadharshini J

I was completely bowled over the new multidimensional approach to cooking. The finding of flavours through smell and taste taught me how unaware I was about all these things. The aloo paratha and tea preparation are etched in my mind. We also learnt some great philosophies of life during the making, garnished with team effort. Thanks for all the fun and sorry for all the stomach troubles because of testing our dishes to you and thanks to Dhyanji.
– Daamini Visaalaakshi

I could have the most delicious aloo partha. Hard work does give tasty fruits.
– Neeraja Valsan

Cooking was wow!!! First time in my whole life that I made aloo ka paratha. That experience of cooking something knowing that it isn’t perfect nor tasty, but the love and hard work which is involved behind it, count.
– Prarthana Shedge

I didn’t cook well but I will try it at home.
– Arun Prasath B

Cooking was interesting for me because actually I was searching for the recipe of the aloo paratha for cooking. Finally, I studied how to make aloo paratha.
– Ruxana VP

I didn’t know that the aloo paratha could be this tasty, more so because it was made with love, and friendship, and funny moments that I would never forget in my life
– Geethanjali VS

Wow, a wonderful experience it was. Learned to cook aloo paratha as well as masala tea within the stipulated time and it was fun. Came to know when we cook food with love, it becomes tastier.
– Akhila A

Cooking was really an awesome experience for me. Being a girl I never cook anything by myself but I enjoyed this activity a lot because I was cooking with love, and enjoyed each and every second. From this I learnt when doing any activity with love, the result also will be very sweet!!!
– Aarathy ER

I never knew much about cooking. A bit ashamed to say that, still had a fun filled, interesting time over there.
– Aswathi Krishna RL

Superb. I love cooking but I did not know how to make aloo paratha. I think now I could make it more easily. Didi, lots of thanks to you.
– Silpasree SJ

Jayashree didi’s cooking class was awesome, useful and in a way very funny. Personally speaking, now I know how to make aloo ka paratha. Thank you, Didi.
– Anjali Anil

Thank you so much for loving and caring us all these days, you made this camp a lot easier place to be in. The cooking class was awesome and you may remember me asking for another session. I was not so interested in cooking before, but now I found the joy of creating something that satisfies someone’s hunger. Thank you ma’am I’m sure my mom will be thankful to you…:)
– Arjun CB

In the cooking session, I got a start to cook. I have not yet developed the interest to cook, but now that the seed of interest is planted in my heart. Hope it grows.
– Abhishek Suratkal

The cooking session was great and I enjoyed it very much. I learned that when my mom cooks with love, the food is tastier than when I make it.
– Sujith P Shaju

Aaah, Didi taught us to make paratha and the best part was with the only aloo I prepared parathas and helped my friends also. We had good teamwork.
– Dilip Kumar B

We always say to our mom “mom I’m hungry” or “prepare ____ “, but we won’t know the time and dedication she puts to cook for us. In this session, we cooked our own aloo paratha and tea. Thanks a lot for the cooking session 🙂
– Nishanth Bhat K

Thank u, mam. Through this activity I came to know how much my mom suffers to prepare food, from now I won’t demand the food. I will accept whatever she gives, and help keep a smile on my moms face.
– Koushik KKS

She inspired how to learn Gita from cooking also.
– Sathyamoorthy A

We came to know how to cook and it very difficult. I realize our mothers’ difficulty.
– Ram Prasath VR

Thanks, I’d never cooked before. I learnt what’s cooking and also to cook with love. It is not that all food is good but only love makes it more tasty.
– Prashanth S

I never knew cooking. I really got to know how to make aloo paratha and chai.
– Divyaprasaath S

It was my first experience to make aloo paratha and it was a good experience for us and everyone help us to do it.
– Sreeragh

Well, for once, yes I managed to eat my favourite dish aloo parathas. Amma, the only difference was that I made it this time. Thank you, didi, it was great cooking under your guidance. Am gonna miss you and our Amrita Masterchef team. 😉
– Hrishikesh Sivanandan

Wow wow! The first time I used all my senses together and analyzed every taste and smell. Our paratha and tea were not very good but the happiness we had in creating our paratha was the best.
– Balakrishnaveni A

I did not know how a half-cooked aloo paratha tastes. Well, except for the slightly bitter taste, our chai was good. Now, I will never complain about the food.
– Gayathri PS

It was really fun! First time I learned to cook myself!! And since we were randomly divided into groups, got to know everyone even more. Superb!
– Medhini Menon

This was really an interesting session. We had lots of fun and also learned that cooking requires concentration and it is not an easy task.
– Parvathy Venugopal