Shraddha: Workshop to Awaken Innocence and Awareness

  1. Sankaran Kumaran, Prof. & Head of the Depart of Cultural Education, Amrita University Bangalore, conducted several games and activities, through which the participants’ innocence and awareness is awakened.



S.Subramanian: Brought out the childishness and awareness. Enjoyed roleplaying a lot. Fun fun fun 🙂

Valli Kannu: I very much enjoyed the workshop. It brought back the child in us – especially playing Ring Around The Rosies.

Dr.Dhanya Prasad: I realised that one can be carefree like child once more – doing whatever we feel.

Diljith: I was motivated by his special workshops, his realistic examples and his stories

Anila: He made us understand many things which would be very useful in our lives in a very simple way. Very entertaining too.

Shyam Kumar: Energetic and fun.

Nidheesh.M: Excellent. He could show us the vast knowledge of our scriptures. He is very instrumental in AMMA’s hands as he practices and imparts the knowledge he has acquired.

Medhini Menon: Loads of fun!! I realized the value our senses!

Shanti K: Good presentation of the topics. Strong words which helped others think about the topic later. Giving knowledge through fun.

Swimming with love

In the evenings, attendees had swimming lessons coached by an Olympian Ahkilesh Matti Rajakyla, who also has crowned in many international swimming events.

Great to learn swimming form Akilesh. It started with floating right up to freestyle hand movements. – S. Subramanian

I felt like anybody can swim. Basically, I am afraid of water, but now that fear has gone, thanks to Akilesh. – Valli Kannu

wow!!! “Sham No Varunaha..”
happy to say that am a student of an Olympian
At least I can stay in water without drowning… 😉 – Dr. Manjula Arun

It helped to increase my confidence in the water and how to face any emergency situations. – Dr. Dhanya Prasad

In only two classes, I learned at least how to float… – Diljith

What I believed would never happen, happened. I could learn the very basics of swimming. So thankful) – Anila

Fun. Need more time for swimming classes especially for those who do not know. – Syam Kumar

One of the best sessions. – Nidheesh M

I was scared of swimming. The teacher had lots of patience and he gave me confidence that I can also swim. – Durgalakshmi CV

Thanks so much, Akhilesh! Learning swimming was a wonderful experience! – Medhini Menon

Another great experience. Was very exciting. – Shanti K

Sanjay Banerji – Our Life Our Love

Dr. Sanjay Banerji started the interaction by remembering his mother who was instrumental in helping him achieve his dreams. He shared the story of how he met his wife and then decided to get married. He constantly mentioned the support he receives from his wife – especially noting her support when he decided to leave his job to pursue his Ph.D.

He was joined with Mrs. Banerji and their son who is a journalist who came to hear the story of his mom and dad.

Mrs. Banerji’s vision deteriorated after their marriage and she ultimately lost her vision. He talked about how his wife, in spite of her disability, managed to perfectly run the day-to-day household duties, including cooking. The couple also talked about the good relationship Mrs. Banerji had with her mother-in-law.

The family also shared the small jokes and pranks they pulled against one another.


S. Subramanian: Love is the only word.

Valli Kannu: Mrs. Sanjay Banerjee said that for her, her husband is more than God. Her husband gave her everything she wanted even when God sent her here with defects. I also learned that we should not make excuses for our disability – we should take responsibility.

Dr. Manjula Arun: A joyful family. I admired seeing the understanding between the family members. Her husband is more than God. Salutations to that dharmapatni.

Dr. Dhanya Prasad: They showed that under any circumstances, partners should cooperate with each other and become each others’ strength.

Diljith: A real example of what Gitamritam stands for.


Anila: First, I should bow down to their wonderful hearts. Her statement “God gave me disabilities but my husband gave me everything and he is considered as God,” just resonated with me.

Shyam Kumar: A partner’s physical disability is not a hindrance for having a happy life as husband and wife.

Durgalashmi CV: “Consider your husband as God” This is the beautiful message I got from them.

Medhini Menon: A very heart-touching session. I learned a lot from this beautiful couple!!

Finding Love in Life through Bhagavad Gita

A four-day Gitamritam Camp was held on 20-24 Nov 2015 at Amrita University Campus, Coimbatore.

Br. Dhyanamrita gave the class on Bhagavad Gita 12th Chapter to the couples.  the 4 day camp for couples which focused on the family and drew upon the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. With the outdoor sessions, connecting with the guest speakers and the workshops, he made participants realise the need to imbibe the values of Gita in daily life. He gave the example of how Amma is a role modal – leading life in the house, executing all her household responsibilities, converted all actions in to worship and realised God.



The explanation of the Slokas with examples, stories, and how to apply in life were very down to earth and easily understandable.

Valli Kannu:
When I came to the Gitamritam I didn’t know the Bhagavad Gita. For me, it is only a Sanskrit book which I didn’t understand. Now I have confidence that I can read the Gita and get good values for my daily life practice.

Dr.Manjula Arun:
I realised that we are all Arjuna in one way or another.

Dr.Dhanya Prasad:
Gita is the Mother who can lead us through any situation by giving the strength to face life and lead a happy life.

I can feel the taste of real divinity.

I tried to understand what Bhagavan expects from us as human beings. I think now it is time to practice it.

Syam Kumar:
Enlightening. Dhyanji was very simple in explaining the 12th chapter. He gave very practical examples to which we could easily relate.

Nidheesh M:
Excellent. Wonderful sessions. Really eye-opening sessions.

DUurgalakshmi CV:
The class was excellent. Informative, simple examples were given by Swamiji which were understandable.

Medhini Madhavan Menon:
The class was a most apt way of helping us make GITA our way of life. Especially by quoting a lot of practical examples that we can relate to on a day to day basis.

Shanti K:
It was a very simplified way of making others understand about the essence of life. An eye-opener.

Husbands Cooking Made Easy

Traditional Indian family roles were reversed during this workshop.
Male participants were entrusted with the task of cooking a wholesome meal for the whole group, while the female participants were asked to do the electrical and automobile works.
Interestingly few of the male participants have never ever entered the kitchen other than for eating.



enjoyed to the core – cooked and got to know what and how our mother, wife do cooking.

Nice experience! Preparing food for around 25 was a challenge. Anyway, we survived..

Syam Kumar:
Fun and exciting. Learnt to peel onion :). The block that held me back from cooking got removed.

Shanti K:
This was the best thing in the whole workshop.
It made the husbands realize that they can also contribute in kitchen works.
It made the wives realize that their better halves will contribute in kitchen cores if they support them.

Valli Kannu:
We enjoyed seeing our husbands cooking and it came out so well. There was a lot of love and affection we could see in the cooking and also the food tasted good.

Dr.Manjula Arun:
Enjoyed the taste of food when cooked with love…. 🙂

Dr.Dhanya Prasad:
It helped me to realise that anyone can change according to the circumstances.

Super Food it was. hats off to the husbands.

Life Survival Skills: Women empowered

Traditional Indian family roles were reversed during this workshop.
Male participants were entrusted with the task of cooking a wholesome meal for the whole group, while the female participants were asked to change the tyres of a car, change tube lights, repair a fan, and assemble computers.
All the participants use all these equipment and vehicles but never bothered to help themselves if any circumstances demanded. Gitamritam changed all that.

All the attendees had a wonderful time, filled with self-reflection and laughter. They came away with a better sense of self and an increased level scriptural knowledge, with the goal to apply what they learned at the camp in their lives.

When asked to reflect upon what they learned, Dr.Dhanya Prasad stated that she learned how to apply the Bhagavad Gita practically in her life. Valli Kannu noted that he learned the value of getting up early and how to live life without complaining. Durgalakshmi CV came away with the important message that it is only God, and no one else, who is ultimately there for us.

All who attended the camp expressed a strong desire to take what they learned in the camp and apply to their daily lives. Dr Shanti said she will try to keep her mind focused on the bigger goal. Anila’s goal is to try to practice the few easy tips she got to make her a better human being. Valli Kannu aspires to accept her husband as he is, look for the divine in him, and worship him. She went on to say that she will try to do all her duties in the name of the Lord, and try to live without complaints.

These four-day camp has become a transformative, turning point even in everyone’s life.



Dr.Manjula Arun:
superb !!!!! 🙂 I enjoyed it like anything.
Quite confident enough that I may not do blunders from today onwards….
Really felt proud in the automobile section… 🙂 🙂
It was yyo yyo…

Dr.Dhanya Prasad:
This helped to understand that we can, at any circumstances in future, like changing the punctured tyre.

Amazing experience! feel so strong:)

DurgaLakshmi CV:
Was able to learn things which I never thought I can do. Good.

Medhini Madhavan Menon:
Very exciting experience and really useful, made us more self-sufficient.

Shanti K:
A very new and challenging experience.
It made me experience that nothing is impossible.
Was really really happy to learn something new.

Valli Kannu:
We never tried to change the fused bulb or connect a wire or a projector. We always call a mechanic for help, but usually, he will not come in time. Now we learnt that we can do such things without help. We are capable of doing it. Changing the car tyres was the best part.



Parenting psychology – workshop by Dr Leela Ramamoorthi

The psychology workshop was taken by Dr. Leela Ramamurthy, Retired Principal, Chinmaya Mission, Chennai, and who has more than two decades of practical experiences in dealing with children, parents, and teachers. She discussed the difficulties faced in the various cases she came across during her practice and the means to overcome them.

The psychology workshop was taken by Dr. Leela Ramamurthy, Retired Principal, Chinmaya Mission, Chennai, and who has more than two decades of practical experiences in dealing with children, parents, and teachers. She discussed the difficulties faced in the various cases she came across during her practice and the means to overcome them.




S.Subramanian: Her examples made me think towards my own child and how I can contribute – The Questioner also made me think about how much I know my wife.

Valli Kannu: She gave many true examples for parenting. We learnt how to say no to our children and how to be caring. We also learnt how to make them learn and that we should not impose our desires on them. I also learnt what is a home and a house.

Dr.Manjula Arun: Got answers to many questions from her workshop.

Dr.Dhanya Prasad: Got an idea on how to interact with children and their feelings.

Anila: Very useful session. Parenting is a very important factor which she beautifully explained.

Durgalashmi CV: The parenting class,role-playing, and short movies made me think. The mams class was good.

Medhini Menon: Really useful sessions on understanding the psychology of children and very useful tips on parenting

Shanti K: A good and sincere teacher. Her sharing of her experiences with the participants were very helpful. The activities were good.

Diljith: Felt like a family member one who advising and supporting from own family

Dr. Sanjeev Vasudev & Dr. Ajitha – Our life, Our love

Dr. Sanjeev Vasudev began the session by saying that he was deeply influenced by Swami Vivekananda.

He and his wife’s decision to get married was mutual as they were both in the same medical field. They have been married for 17 years. They made a conscious decision to not join the race to make money and instead chose to devote their life to the service of others. They decided to live simply.

They described marriage as a three-legged race. In order to move, one has to exercise care and caution, and there should not be any blame among partners. They stated that mutual love and respect is important in a marriage. The couple also stressed the attitude of giving, to accept the limitations of each partner, and to move ahead. They also said that it was important to say sorry if the partner was wrong.

The humbleness and humility of the couple impressed the participants – especially the fact that they lived on limited resources without modern gadgets.

They says..

Valli Kannu: We learned that there could be two bodies with one mind. Hats off to them for their seva!

Dr. Manjula Arun: A wonderful couple! An excellent example of perfect devotees.

Dr. Dhanya Prasad: Their lives are an inspiration on how to live piously

Anila: It is easy to say things, and hard to put into practice, but they proved that nothing is impossible.

Shyam Kumar: An ideal example of how couples in the same profession can work together, complement, and supplement each other so beautifully.

Nidheesh. M.: Very inspirational. I bow down to them. There are not enough letters in the English language to write sufficiently about them.

Durgalashami C V: Excellent! The impact it had on us was to show that one has to sacrifice to reach the higher goal.

Dr. Medhini Menon: Most inspiring couple! They actually live and show us how to achieve maximum happiness with minimum wants and desires.

Dr. Shanti K: Very good and worth following.


Shivarama Krishnan – Our Life Our Love

This was typical traditional Indian couple in that Shri Shivramkrishnan was the sole breadwinner while Smt Lakshmi was a homemaker and looked after the day to day affairs of the house and children.

During their talk, Shivramkrishnan enthralled the audience by talking about experiences in their lives which included anecdotes referencing his vast knowledge of the scriptures.

The couple explained how beautiful the journey of life can be when you have an understanding partner. They said that their main success has been their mutual respect for one another. They said that they never admonish one another or criticize one another in front of their children. And if there is a problem, it is discussed in private.

Mrs. Lakshmi also insisted that it is important to inculcate values in children and to not pamper them by giving them extra money or indulging them by eating out rather than having home cooked food.

Mrs Lakshmi also distributed delicious Murukku made by her to all the participants.


Valli Kannu: The one point Mrs. Sivaramakrishnan made – that you should put your husband one step ahead of you – is really true. One should also know one’s limitations.

Dr.Manjula Arun: I learned about the acceptance and adjustments needed to have a happy family. I also agree with the opinion that the Husband is a step above the Wife.

Dr. Dhanya Prasad: They helped me to realise how to lead a married life with love and sacrifice as well as how to nurture our children.

Anila: It helped me understand that there are so many tricks to leading a better life.