2014 Kalyan

Yoga classes

The participants began their day at 5:15 a.m. by twisting their body with hatha yoga and exercising their cheek muscles with laughter yoga,
They were also taught the proper way to relax and sleep through Yoga Nidra. Swami Samarpananda and Sri Pad took the classes.

Refreshing. The Laughter Yoga made me even more refreshed. The chilli laugh and mobile laugh were cooler hahaha hohoho. Very good very good. – S.Subramanian

Yoga played a good part in activating our mind and body. We hope we can practice this daily in our life. – Valli Kannu

A fresh cool breakfast for the mind… – Dr Manjula Arun

It helped to relax our mind and body. By practising yoga we can remain healthy. – Dr Dhanya Prasad

Good. Laughter Yoga is a new experience. – Diljith

Energized body and mind. – Anila

Very good. Exposure to a new method of Yoga – Laughter Yoga – Nidheesh M