2014 Kalyan

Husbands Cooking Made Easy

Traditional Indian family roles were reversed during this workshop.
Male participants were entrusted with the task of cooking a wholesome meal for the whole group, while the female participants were asked to do the electrical and automobile works.
Interestingly few of the male participants have never ever entered the kitchen other than for eating.


enjoyed to the core – cooked and got to know what and how our mother, wife do cooking.

Nice experience! Preparing food for around 25 was a challenge. Anyway, we survived.

Shyam Kumar:
Fun and exciting. Learnt to peel onion :). The block that held me back from cooking got removed.

Shanti K:
This was the best thing in the whole workshop.
It made the husbands realize that they can also contribute to kitchen works.
It made the wives realize that their better halves will contribute to kitchen chores if they support them.

Valli Kannu:
We enjoyed seeing our husbands cooking and it came out so well. There was a lot of love and affection we could see in the cooking and also the food tasted good.

Dr.Manjula Arun:
Enjoyed the taste of food when cooked with love…. 🙂

Dr.Dhanya Prasad:
It helped me to realise that anyone can change according to the circumstances.

Super Food it was. hats off to the husbands.