2014 Kalyan

Life Survival Skills: Women empowered

Traditional Indian family roles were reversed during this workshop.
Male participants were entrusted with the task of cooking a wholesome meal for the whole group, while the female participants were asked to change the tyres of a car, change tube lights, repair a fan, and assemble computers.
All the participants use all these equipment and vehicles but never bothered to help themselves if any circumstances demanded. Gitamritam changed all that.

All the attendees had a wonderful time, filled with self-reflection and laughter. They came away with a better sense of self and an increased level of scriptural knowledge, with the goal to apply what they learned at the camp in their lives.

When asked to reflect upon what they learned, Dr.Dhanya Prasad stated that she learned how to apply the Bhagavad Gita practically in her life. Valli Kannu noted that he learned the value of getting up early and how to live life without complaining. Durgalakshmi CV came away with the important message that it is only God, and no one else, who is ultimately there for us.

All who attended the camp expressed a strong desire to take what they learned in the camp and apply to their daily lives. Dr Shanti said she will try to keep her mind focused on the bigger goal. Anila’s goal is to try to practice the few easy tips she got to make her a better human being. Valli Kannu aspires to accept her husband as he is, look for the divine in him, and worship him. She went on to say that she will try to do all her duties in the name of the Lord, and try to live without complaints.

These four-day camp has become a transformative, turning point even in everyone’s life.


Dr Manjula Arun:
superb !!!!! 🙂 I enjoyed it like anything.
Quite confident enough that I may not do blunders from today onwards. Really felt proud in the automobile section.

Dr.Dhanya Prasad:
This helped to understand that we can, at any circumstances in future, like changing the punctured tyre.

Amazing experience! feel so strong:)

Durga Lakshmi CV:
Was able to learn things which I never thought I can do. Good.

Medhini Madhavan Menon:
A very exciting experience and really useful made us more self-sufficient.

Shanti K:
A very new and challenging experience.
It made me experience that nothing is impossible.
Was really really happy to learn something new.

Valli Kannu:
We never tried to change the fused bulb or connect a wire or a projector. We always call a mechanic for help, but usually, he will not come in time. Now we learnt that we can do such things without help. We are capable of doing it. Changing car tyres was the best part.