2014 Kalyan

Swimming with love

In the evenings, attendees had swimming lessons coached by an Olympian Ahkilesh Matti Rajakyla, who also has crowned in many international swimming events.

Great to learn swimming from Akilesh. It started with floating right up to freestyle hand movements. – S. Subramanian

I felt like anybody can swim. Basically, I am afraid of water, but now that fear has gone, thanks to Akilesh. – Valli Kannu

wow!!! “Sham No Varunaha..”
happy to say that am a student of an Olympian
At least I can stay in the water without drowning… 😉 – Dr Manjula Arun

It helped to increase my confidence in the water and how to face any emergency situations. – Dr Dhanya Prasad

In only two classes, I learned at least how to float… – Diljith

What I believed would never happen, happened. I could learn the very basics of swimming. So thankful) – Anila

Fun. Need more time for swimming classes especially for those who do not know. – Shyam Kumar

One of the best sessions. – Nidheesh M

I was scared of swimming. The teacher had lots of patience and he gave me confidence that I can also swim. – Durgalakshmi CV

Thanks so much, Akhilesh! Learning swimming was a wonderful experience! – Medhini Menon

Another great experience. Was very exciting. – Shanti K