2014 Kalyan

Shraddha: Workshop to Awaken Innocence and Awareness

Sankaran Kumaran, Prof. & Head of the Department of Cultural Education, Amrita University, Bangalore, conducted several games and activities, through which the participants’ innocence and awareness were awakened.


S.Subramanian: Brought out the childishness and awareness. Enjoyed roleplaying a lot. Fun fun fun 🙂

Valli Kannu: I very much enjoyed the workshop. It brought back the child in us – especially playing Ring Around The Rosies.

Dr Dhanya Prasad: I realised that one can be carefree like a child once more – doing whatever we feel.

Diljith: I was motivated by his special workshops, his realistic examples and his stories

Anila: He made us understand many things which would be very useful in our lives in a very simple way. Very entertaining too.

Shyam Kumar: Energetic and fun.

Nidheesh.M: Excellent. He could show us the vast knowledge of our scriptures. He is very instrumental in AMMA’s hands as he practices and imparts the knowledge he has acquired.

Medhini Menon: Loads of fun!! I realized the value of our senses!

Shanti K: Good presentation of the topics. Strong words which helped others think about the topic later. Giving knowledge through fun.