2014 Kalyan

Shivarama Krishnan – Our Life Our Love

This was a typical traditional Indian couple in that Shri Shivramkrishnan was the sole breadwinner while Smt Lakshmi was a homemaker and looked after the day to day affairs of the house and children.

During their talk, Shivramkrishnan enthralled the audience by talking about experiences in their lives which included anecdotes referencing his vast knowledge of the scriptures.

The couple explained how beautiful the journey of life can be when you have an understanding partner. They said that their main success has been their mutual respect for one another. They said that they never admonish one another or criticize one another in front of their children. And if there is a problem, it is discussed in private.

Mrs Lakshmi also insisted that it is important to inculcate values in children and to not pamper them by giving them extra money or indulging them by eating out rather than having home-cooked food.

Mrs Lakshmi also distributed delicious Murukku made by her to all the participants.


Valli Kannu: The one point Mrs Sivaramakrishnan made – that you should put your husband one step ahead of you – is really true. One should also know one’s limitations.

Dr Manjula Arun: I learned about the acceptance and adjustments needed to have a happy family. I also agree with the opinion that the Husband is a step above the Wife.

Dr Dhanya Prasad: They helped me to realise how to lead a married life with love and sacrifice as well as how to nurture our children.

Anila: It helped me understand that there are so many tricks in leading a better life.