2013 Yuva Yoga & Meditation 13Yuva

Yoga for mind and body, awareness is the key

Gitamba gave classes every day combining pranayama and mantra to yoga. Boys and girls enjoyed these sessions thoroughly.


These classes helped me to increase my willpower. The interest to go to yoga helped me get up every morning with a smile, even though the comforting cold climate made me think of sleeping.- Aswathi TS

I enjoyed learning a few Asanas which were useful for the flexibility of the body.- Pranav S

She came to our level and taught us. I am sure that the Yoga is going to work out for me well.- Shruti Sreevalsan

She really bent my backbone, but I didn’t get angry with her since she did that for my benefit. Thank you Ma’am.- Prabu Vignesh S

Learnt how to unify various exercises. And I am extremely thankful to Gitamba madam. Performing these exercises gave a new flexibility.- Vasudevan N

Yoga helped us to explore the abilities of our physical body which were hidden for a very long time. It helped us to stay fresh for long hours of lectures and helped us to learn in a better way.- Jayadev H. R

With this, we got good flexibility on the body while concentrating on the body motions.- Mopuri Saitheja

Yoga is needed to everyone’s life for managing stress. She instructed us very well. – Miryala Akhil Bharadwaj Maharaj

One of the sweetest, and most dedicated persons I have ever seen. Gitamba taught me how her philosophies revolved around Yoga. – Daamini Visaalaakshi

She is the most free and sweetest person I have met and her style of teaching yoga is way different from any of the yoga class I have attended. It’s totally creative.- Neeraja Valsan

Yoga is something which taught me awareness. Awareness which we learned in Gita can be practically achieved through YOGA!! And Gitamba was really a sweet heart.- Prarthana Shedge

For the first time, I felt, “It’s ok to explore yoga, it’s not all hardwired as I thought!!” Gitamba was just great. – Geethanjali.V.S

Waking early in the morning was a difficult task but Gitamba’s dedication let us wake up in the morning and go for Yoga. Nice experience it was. We learned various Aasanas.- Akhila A

Yoga classes were very good for me. Even though we needed to wake up early I enjoyed the class with Gitamba. First days were a struggle. After that, she made it a very simple activity and she is such a nice person.- Aarathy ER

Her class was thoroughly effective and a bit bone-breaking ;). But am very grateful for her efforts to get up early in the morning just to take classes for us. She is a very charming person too.:)- Anjali Anil

Thanks a lot for not allowing me to bunk classes even on this last day. You gave confidence to me even when I was afraid to do any Yoga due to my back injury. And the first few days of pain became days of relaxation and fun from then on. Thank you so much.- Arjun CB

Yoga was the greatest stress-relieving session and I hope to learn more in the future from the same teacher. – Sujith P Shaju

Frankly speaking, I am not interested in Yoga but after attending Yoga classes I felt very good and I thought of continuing it.- Rahul Kowshik R

I’m not flexible enough to do all the Asanas which Gitamba Ma’am was instructing us to do. But I learnt a lot. Among all the Asanas I love Shavasana :P- Nishanth Bhat K

She was great. I use to bunk my Yoga because I didn’t like it. One day I decided to go for Yoga and it was amazing, it help me in many ways. Then I attended Yoga sessions regularly.- Sreeragh

Funny, tiring, and revolutionary at the same time. You made us challenge ourselves each day with all the Ashta trikon Asana, the Vashishta Asana etc. Going to miss you a lot Amba. Lots of Love.- Hrishikesh Sivanandan

She is a really very sweet person. She taught us Yoga with love and happiness which made us attend the classes even early in the morning.- Balakrishnaveni A

Wonderful.The way she teaches us, was as if we were holding our hands in a beach. So peaceful, restful and calming. I enjoyed the strength of this body and was made aware of the weak parts too. It really pulled us from the sleepy mood and refreshed us to hear morning lectures.- Gayathri PS

She took the classes with great dedication. Felt very calm the whole day and felt more fresh too.- Medhini Menon

Just attended one session. Was good. Came to know about my body limitations and how flexible my body is. Liked the way she took the session. Was great.- Anjanikumar Pathak