2013 Yuva Workshops 13Yuva

Magic by Samala Venu

Samala Venu presented magic for the campers. He shared some secrets with them. The blindfold item was an outstanding performance.


Even though no one sticks to your side, if in time you feel that the passion of yours is different from the ones that others think, never give up. Go for it, try, and strive for it.
– Aswathi TS

I learnt how to pursue my goal.
– Thiru Ramakrishnan T

Mr Venu proved that sorrow is only for the person who doesn’t know to enjoy life. He said that we are not asking for what gives you sorrow but we are asking for that which gives happiness. Thank you Venu sir.
– Prabu Vignesh S

Magic is after all magic. It is just an illusion to our eyes. But Venu sir was a real source of inspiration. What I learnt was that no matter what others say you must choose what you want to pursue. As I recall, it’s not our talents who show who we really are, but it is our choices.
– Vasudevan N

The magic show made me realize that I was adulterated. All the time I was thinking how and questioning why. But at the end of the camp, I can feel that the adulteration levels have reduced.
– Jayadev HR

It was good but still, I have a doubt and wanted to know how he did the rupee note trick.
– Priyadharshini J

Samala Venu’s life story was too inspiring, he pushed on, even without the support from his parents in order to continue his passion. The blindfold drawing taught that nothing is impossible if you practice it.
– Daamini Visaalaakshi

I have watched loads of magic shows. But the blindfold trick was really awesome, I liked it. And he made me feel proud of being Indian and the way he is achieving the pinnacles of glory. He gave me the inspiration to stick and pursue my dreams in spite of no family support. If you have the courage to pursue your dreams then the divine himself shows you the path.
– Prarthana Shedge

He is the one man who showed you can achieve your dream even when everything is against you.
– Geethanjali VS

It wasn’t much attractive. Maybe because we knew those tricks. But that blindfolded trick was just awesome.
– Aswathi Krishna RL

His life inspired me a lot, that we can achieve our goal if we have a strong will.
– Silpasree SJ

I was inspired by his own life story more than his magic tricks. I thank him for sharing his experiences with us.
– Anjali Anil

Samala venu gave us his life experiences and showed that passion for one’s goal can give you success and happiness. He also made it clear that obstacles are meant to be faced if one wanted success.
– Arjun CB

It was the best show ever seen. I was present there with an intention just to enjoy the show. If I thought that it’s just to fool people or I knew the magic I would not have enjoyed it. I kept everything aside and just sat there to enjoy and to be happy. It is like when you continuously go on pouring coffee in any filled cup it flows out and when you go with an empty mind you enjoy. You are happy and learn a lot.
– Dilip Kumar B

I have enjoyed this session and I learnt from his life that is we should never give up our goal.
– Rahul Kowshik R

Magic shows are the ones with which we are fascinated, thinking about how they might have made the illusion or tricks. We enjoyed a lot watching the tricks that Venu sir performed. Blindfold was amazing!
– Nishanth Bhat K

Got inspired really by the way he wanted to reach his goal even though there were many obstacles.
– Prashanth S

I got to learn that if we have a goal and passion then we should take a risk and we have to strive for it.
– Divyaprasaath S

He was a great person. His father wanted him to be an engineer but he didn’t have interest in it and his aim is to become a magician. He achieved his goal and he is very happy in it and he teaches some tricks. We all loved his show.
– Sreeragh

An epitome of undaunted perseverance and a symbol of hard work.
– Hrishikesh Sivanandan

This session taught me that practice can make anything possible in this world.
– Balakrishnaveni A