2013 Yuva Workshops 13Yuva

Assessing one’s strengths and weaknesses: Psychology Workshop

Dr Gitanjali Natarajan & Smitha VS conducted a workshop on Psychology. The session initially covered aspects of stress management. They advised the youth not be oversensitive and educated them about the 15 %-20% of youth who suffer from stress due to societal changes and peer group pressures and other factors. They emphasized the need to adapt to situations in every phase of life. Finally, they conducted a questionnaire session, which helped the youth to do a self-assessment, and assess their strengths and weaknesses.


Understood how much I am stressed.
– Aswathi TS

It made us aware about the stress, which is mostly found among us.
– Pranav S

She made us come to know our present condition.
– Shruti Sreevalsan

We understood many causes of disorders in children.
– Amrita Sindhu M

I learnt about the stress that is involved in our day to day life and how to overcome it.
– Thiru Ramakrishnan T

They showed me where am standing, they also make us to understand the problems we facing in our life.
– Prabu Vignesh S

Learnt how to control our mental body and how to mingle with others.
– Mopuri Saitheja

I got to know ways to relax myself from the upcoming stress.
– Neeraja Valsan

I felt lot of things are to be changed within myself.
– Arun Prasath B

Session help me to know about my stress level.
– Ruxana VP

It was a wonderful experience to dance in front of the audience when I didn’t know how to dance. It has given me confidence to just enjoy and be happy whatever we do.
– Akhila A

Was kind of embarrassed to answer those questions, I hadn’t even thought of myself and my feelings till then. It was pretty good.
– Aswathi Krishna RL

Now I understood my confidence level.
– Silpasree SJ

Psychology was an interesting session which I never expected would turn out to be fun.
– Sujith P Shaju

It helps me to correct myself and helped to develop logical thinking.
– Koushik KKS

I know my scores. But the scores show how I was. But it won’t show how I am at the present!
– Sathyamoorthy A

Has proved I’m not stressed, happy about it.
– Prashanth S

It was very useful. I got to know about how stressed I was.
– Divyaprasaath S

I drew myself, myself for the first time and I also discovered somethings that were otherwise ignorant to me.
– Hrishikesh Sivanandan