2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Love for Sweet: Good or Bad?

Dr. Harish Kumar, Head of Endocrinology department gave a workshop on Diabetics: its cause, effect and cure.

It was one of the important events in my life.. The doctor taught us the effects of diabetes and he gave some important tips for controlling diabetes. – P.Surat Kumar

The awareness session about diabetics really made me realize that a person’s physique and mind plays a major in one’s health. – G. Sathiyapriya

As my grandpa had diabetics my mom used to advise me to eat little but I used to shout at her. But after knowing about the seriousness of diabetics I have decided to obey what my mom says. – K.S.Megha

I gained more information and how to get rid of it. I made a promise that I will reduce eating junk food and give awareness about this disease to common people. – Srinivasa Raghavan S

My Mom died of diabetes about five years back. So I knew from that time that I too would be carrying the gene. After hearing the lecture, I came to know how to control and prevent the disease. I am in debt to the doctor for giving me more time to think of the Lord. – Srinath. S

In this session, I heard about the dangers that can be caused due to indulgence of oil or sweets. – Amrtya Rajkumar

I learned to eat food carefully and exercise regularly. I took away quite a good lesson from this, that is, to eat oily and sweet foods rich in fats carefully. – Madhav Govind

Now I understood the effects of diabetes and how to control it. – Jayasudha

Diabetes is a disease that cannot be cured. Now onwards I will control my eating. – Ayush R

Dr.Harish told that diabetics can’t be cured. It’s because of a lack of self-control, which happens for those who don’t follow Gita. – S.Atchaya

Now we are eating fast food and we are going fast. So look after your food. – K.S.Akshaya

I understood how the oily foods like french fries, burger etc affect our health. I will try not to eat them much. – Divyadayanand

I promise that I will follow the precautions in up-coming days. – Varija V

I came to know the ill effects of eating junk food, risk factors of developing diabetics and how to lead a healthy lifestyle without developing diabetics – Divya.R

I gathered some useful knowledge about diabetes, which I can share with my family. – Vaishnavi G

I really understood “All that glitters is not gold”. The food, till date, that gave me pleasure was affecting my health. After the session, I am more aware of what I eat. – Shivankari. P. R

I would advise my relatives to do yoga to control diabetics. I have an idea of being a doctor in the future. – P.Palani Pushpam