2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Rappelling & Rope Ladder

A workshop to overcome fear


This was the most wonderful session that I had ever seen. I got more courage and bravery from this session. Those people helped us a lot. Thank you. -Varija V

First, we might feel scared but afterwards we feel happy. Thank you for giving us these opportunities. – Amrita.J.M

All the adventure games by the Z-BAC team were good. The positive thing in that was we all came out of fear and attempted it. I would like to meet these types of teams again and again. – Amrutha Ramakrishna

I was able to overcome my fear and I am now ready to face the challenges in life with a smile. – Divya.R

Wow, it was a wonderful session and all our fears had just passed in thin air. We participated in many extraordinary games. – Sanjan C S

It was quite thrilling and scary too, but at last I overcame my fear and completed the session. – A.Sivaramakrishnan

This session gave me the courage and confidence. Now, I am not afraid of heights any more! – S.Prem Santhosh

All the activities which the Z-BAC team set up for us were designed for us to overcome our fear. I had a lot of fun. I was both excited and a little scared. In Gita, we learnt that when there is love, there is no fear. So we could connect the lesson to the activities. – Rishika Rajkumar

I bet nothing is there equal to the Adventure Games of the Z-BAC team. Their games made me feel brave. Now I’m sure I wouldn’t hesitate to help someone while in fire breakouts. – P. Anandh Krishna

In rappelling I was feeling very frightened but after rappelling I felt very happy. – Anoosha M. Bhadauria

It was amazing to have such an experience. It is useful because I can overcome any type of fire accidents to save people. – P.Palani Pushpam

It was a thrilling experience. Our fear vanished in few minutes. This workshop will surely help us in future. – Greeshma P

This event was a new experience for me. After attending this event I got more courage and all my fear disappeared after doing this event. – Athmika Prajesh

This session was the most interesting session of the camp. I was so afraid first, then I was not able to believe that how I did this. – Namitha J. Shenoy

The adventure games that we had, has helped me to overcome fear. They were, importantly, very safe. – Akash P Rajan

An experience of bravery. – P. Mukundh Krishna

The team Z-BAC was just outstanding. They removed our fear and got us to another world. They are such an inspiration to us and they taught us rappelling, valley crossing etc. – Ramakrishnan P S

It was the amazing time in my life. The session made us to get rid of fear and boosted us to save many people’s life!! I thank the army people for helping us! – P.Surat Kumar

We students had a great experience in these adventures games. We where trained a lot. It is not just for a time pass, it is also useful for our life. I am trying this adventures games for the first time. I thank the instructors and the management. Fabulous! – R.Saranya

Z-BAC team, wow!! They were awesome, very very very good trainers from the Indian army. We could fight our fear which was troubling us. – M. Kousalya

WOW!!! It was really awesome. Those tasks really did need guts. I’m happy that I could complete it even though I felt terrible in the beginning. It did help me a lot to overcome my fear. – Mrinalini Ashok

It was really awesome. I never thought I had so much courage within me. I wasn’t so scared because as Swamiji has said if a person gets scared he is not true devotee of Krishna. – K.S.Amrita

I have enjoyed fire fighting very much. In fact I have a passion in Indian army, to become a fighter pilot and serve the country. – Dheeraj Nandakumar.R

The adventure games were interesting. I was so afraid of heights and the hot fire. When I started to climb down I felt that it was just our my mind that was so tensed. – S.Abitha Shree

When these games were demonstrated, it seemed to be little harder but when facing it the little fear in me ran away. – A.Madavan

I didn’t think that Gitamritam will also provide adventure games which is provided by Z-BAC. They removed the fear through like adventure games like rappelling. – Srivathsan N

It was very amazing. I was really scared to go but I finished it successfully. – B.Krishna Kumar

From this adventure I learnt that self-confidence should be increased in us by ourselves, to make that moment wonderful and in this world nothing is impossible if you throw out your fear. – S.Aishwarya

Now I have no fear of heights and fire. And when an emergency situation comes, I know how to face it. – Srinath. S

It was thrilling. Nothing is impossible. – N.M.Tharani Taran

It’s really very exciting. We forgot our fears and we learnt how to help ourselves. We became really very brave. – S.N.Sukithashri