2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Fire Walk: Face Fear to overcome

A workshop to overcome fear.


Firefighting adventure games are the most thrilling games in Gitamritam. They taught us to how to climb on the wall, how to swing on a rope, and how to walk on fire. Thank You. – Mukesh V. Kumar

Wow!!!!!!!!! I never thought that I would jump from 3rd floor and walk on the fire. It was really amazing and it took out the fear of me!! – Ajay Sarma

We had great time rappelling, valley leaping, and walking through fire. Each activity took us to a whole new level, and each stage reduced are fear little by little. The trainers were very careful and encouraged us to understand that with fear we cannot attain God. – Bharath Biju

I’m running out of words to tell about Z-BAC as they really were awesome. Rappelling was the initial one. I was terrified. Then I tried and finally made it!! From the next day, I was rushing for more adventures. I enjoyed climbing down through the rope. I also hurried to climb the ladder and I made it. That night, I stepped on the fire. i completely enjoyed it! Thanks Z-BAC. – K.Jayapreethi

It was really challenging to beat all those kinds of phobias of looking down from heights. This has made me climb down a three-storey building using ropes even though I was really scared at the start. Thanks to Z-BAC,I was able to walk on burning charcoal. – K.Adhithy

It was very interesting. The activity which I liked the most is fire walking. It was a lot of fun. – Siddharth.S

They really helped me to face my fears. Especially the fire walking. The Z-BAC team was awesome and I really loved every minute of that workshop. – Vaishnavi G

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Rappelling, valley cross and fire walk were just great. Rappelling tested our endurance and there was worry, struggle, etc., but at last it was the greatest happiness I have ever felt! – Shivankari. P. R

It is very interesting because I always fear fire. When they told me to walk on the fire I was scared but I walked on it. – M. Ieniyan

Actually I am really fond of adventurous games and I feel it is my passion. Surely it will be a good starting for me to achieve my ambition that is to join the Indian defense. And I am happy that I was the first one to walk on the fire. – K Gayathri

The Z-BAC team that came in from different places across India just just for this camp for us, was admirable. We really enjoyed it from rappelling to zip-flying and firefighting and finally walking on fire!! All in all it was definitely my favorite experience. – Madhav Govind

We had this best team called Z-BAC who taught us some adventure games like rappelling, Valley Crossing, and also how to walk on fire. Team Z-BAC was awesome. – Hrishikesh. G. Menon