2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Rappelling over the fear

Zbac team conducted 2 days adventure games workshop


Very challenging and learned about what you should do when there is a fire close by. – Amrtya Rajkumar

It was an unexpected session. Now i have no fear to accept the risks in my life. – Jayasudha

Firefighting and adventure games will help me to rescue myself and so many lives. I really used this chance to know the tricks to rescue life.- S Atchaya

We have learned that we should keep our fear aside and have to face the challenges that are going on in our life.- G Preethi

Fire Fighting Adventure Games is very interesting. I didn’t have self-confidence before but now I have self-confidence.- Jeeva.s

Even I could not trust myself for a moment that is me doing all this. Now I can save myself and others if a fire accident takes place.- P. Neela Sowndaravalli

First I used to have fear of all adventure games, but now there is no fear in me. – K Pari

It was very adventurous and I learned how to survive when sorrows overcome me  MORAL: I can; I will. – Vishnu Sankar C

It helps us to be fearless. – A.T Amirtha devi

This session helps us to overcome fear, hesitation and to know how to save our life and others life. – S. Sree Sakthi

I got a wonderful experience through this and I got more confidence and I got the power to face the problems. The main thing is I lost my fear. – J.Selva Tamil Udayan

I like adventure and it makes me a brave student. Now I know how to escape from a fire and to help people from it. I also learnt wall crossing, ladder climbing, and getting down from a wall. The workshop made our body fit. I like it so much in the GITAMIRITAM CAMP. – M.Chithambaresh

I like these games very much because I fought against my biggest enemy fear. – R. Kowsanth Kalidas

I’m extremely glad I could overcome my acrophobia to an extent. Now I dare enough to do any such adventure provided I’m given guidance. This has increased my confidence level. – Chitkala S

It created awareness, was a perfect cure for coming out of acrophobia a fear of heights. Adventurous. – Divyadayanand