2013 Bala Gita 13Bala

Bhagavad Gita class in traditional style

Br. Dhyanamrita Chaitanya gave classes on Bhagavad Gita 12th Chapter during these 7 days. He gave 3 sessions on Gita every day. The children were made to chant the slokas, taught the meaning and its application in daily life through different examples and activities. He inspired the children to live the values Gita is advising.


Gita Taught me how to live in this world, how to be devoted to lord, how to be happy, who is lord………and WHO AM I????????? – Shivankari PR

Gita taught us to love everything and everything in the world keeps on changing so we can’t find happiness in this world. – Athmika Prajesh

Gita is not just a holy book. It is a path prescribed by God. It teaches us how to live life and attain permanent happiness. Dhyanamrita Swamiji cited very nice, extremely practical examples to make us understand Gita’s principles. – Akash P Rajan

Gita has showed me the path to lead a happy life. The class was a thought-provoking session which helps one understand Gita easily. For us, Gita has become a new trend. – P Mukundh Krishna

It helped us to think about the future life and to make others happy and as well as we should feel happy… It gives the meaning of the life and we enjoyed a lot. – P Surat Kumar

Gita is not just a book for old people but a sacred scripture for young people like us. It tells us how to live in this world wisely and 12th chapter discusses about how a real devotee should be. – K.Jayapreethi

The Gita class was very fun and we learnt to love everything and to always be happy. We also learnt that after sorrow joy comes and after joy sorrow follows. – Madhav Govind

Gita has brought a terrible change in me ….it did tell me about a true devotee..and how a true devotee should be…and I came to know that Gita wasn’t just a book and that it also contains Amritam in it…GITAMRITAM – KS Amrita

The Gita class was very interesting and it really changed my life. It might seem to be boring while seen from outside But when you enter the class you will forget yourselves in swamiji’s lecture. Thanks for providing an opportunity to change my life.- Srinath S

It has really changed my mindset that i had on Gita…… and i am sure that these seven are going to change my future totally!!!!!!!! – Ajay Sarma

Gita is never for the old. As the future of this country, we should know to follow values and live with principles so that nothing bad can influence us. I had awesome sessions these 7 days, I will ‘practice and follow dharma’, and be the change in my society! – Mrinalini Ashok

If you learn Gita you will happy always. And there was Swamiji who is always joking. – N. Surendheran

It was the reason why I came and it was really really great. Swamiji also had a good sense of humour which made it interesting. – Shantanu Sriranjan.B

After attending this camp, I think “GITA” as mother. I have successfully learned 12-chapter and about true devotion (bhakti). – M.J.Subashini.

Dhyanji taught Gita like Krishna did for Arjuna. I will follow the Gita. – Mahadevan K

It is a way of living. The lecture of Dhyanji was so fantastic, from that I learned many things – for eg., everything in the world changes, every pain is followed by joy and every joy is followed by pain. It was a great experience. – Sidhanth Preman

It was so fun to be there. -N.M.Tharani Taran

Gita is the way, which will lead us to attain happiness and to the best life. – Hari Chandhana Varma

We usually chant Gita in our school. I thought it was of no use without knowing its deeper meaning. Our Swamiji was teaching us Gita with many examples which made us understand the Gita completely. I thank him honestly! – K.S.Megha

I have promised myself that I will try my best to come in the devotees’ list of the Lord. – S.Aishwarya

Gita is the only thing which makes us happy. After this camp, I knew about myself and thought me to “LOVE EVERYTHING….”. Yamini vijayakumar

Through this, we were able to learn about the facts of life. It gave us ways to mend our lives. We really enjoyed it. – Chaaran . A

I had a totally different idea of Gita before coming here. Now I am happy I learned the real meaning of Gita. It taught us to be happy and how to take refuge in god. – Bharath Biju

Gita is not a book of war, it is the book which gives the wisdom of how to worship God. “It doesn’t matter who we worship, but what matters is how we worship ” – Srinivasa Raghavan S

It was exciting and we had a lot of fun in our Gita class. – S.Anand

It is a precious text where every values are covered. I got many changes in me after learning Gita. Swamji’s class was very nice and he taught us with examples and with stories – B. Bhuvanesh

Swamiji taught the meaning of the Gita in the 12th chapter. He also said that until Arjuna asked questions to Krishna we did not have Gita. So we should ask questions to improve our knowledge. – S.Abitha Shree

Gita taught me how to be disciplined, and how to devote to God. It is a very interesting topic and it gives us precious knowledge. Gita taught me to love everything, and not hurt others. I love to study Gita. It taught me how to be a good student to a teacher. – K.R. Dhanush

The Gita had taught us how to achieve victory and God in life. I learned how to become more happy even when sorrow comes. I enjoyed Dyanamrita Swamiji’s class. He teaches every sloka in Gita clearly with an example until we understand. – A.Madavan

Gita is a dialouge between Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield, which I found it very interesting when Dyanji was speaking about it. From this, I learned how to be happy and who was the best devotee to Krishna. – Srivathsan N

From Gita, I learned how to stay happy in my life. The class was useful. We learned the 12th chapter in Gita. Dyanamirta swamiji taught very beautifully. We could ask questions at anytime. – B.Krishna Kumar

I learnt that every joy is followed by sorrow and every sorrow is followed by joy. No object in the world is capable of giving happiness permanently. You will always find a better one. Other than the supreme power everything in the world changes. – B. Pavitra

To live a proper life, Gita is an essential component. We learned all about the Gita, its evolution, the essence of chapter 12 and are now able to recite it by heart. It is a sacred book not meant for elders but for young people who wants to live a successful life. – K.Adhithy

Gita was good. It teaches me to always smile. – Siddharth.S

It was so useful – we were informed about our duties and they also informed about how to get closer to God. – Rahul. C. M

In Gita, I learned the right method of worshiping god and how to be happy. – Amrita S

Gita is really great. Dhyanji taught us well. He told us examples related to Gita, so it was more understandable. – Greeshma P

GITA IS MY PASSION, GITA IS MY INSPIRATION. Hereafter I will definitely change the life, and i will try to teach GITA for my friends.

Gita is not only a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna in the battle field when Arjuna is not doing his Dharma by running out of the battle field. The question Arjuna asked is how to be happy. If the same question arises in you mind, read and live according to Gita, there is no other way – R. Kowsanth Kalidas

I learned what true devotion is, what I really have to do to be “successful” and happy in my life. Gita is something in which you can find more and more treasure as you dig deeper and deeper. The thirst for the True knowledge in all aspects is never ending and Gita is one simple way you can gain that knowledge as much as possible. – Chitkala S

By this, I learned creation and creators are not two. God is there every where. How we worship is not important why we worship is important. I will surely follow it, and be happy always and face my difficulties with a smile. I will offer my results to God. – Divyadayanand

It really changed my thoughts………THANK YOU! -Varija V

The most interesting class in which we learned to face the difficulties of life, though i was Arjuna who was asking the questions to Krishna. All these questions sometimes occur in our life also. The words by Dhyanji was very inspiring. It has brought many changes in me and all this knowledge will help me throughout my whole life. I will respect Gita as it is like my Guru who thought me to love every one and be smiling:):):):):):):) – Amrutha Ramakrishna

It was a great experience learning Gita and our Swami ji was excellent and he explained to us like Sree Krishna. The only difference was Swamiji explained to us in English and little Sanskrit. (Krisna explained in Sanksrit only??) – A.Sivaramakrishnan

Dhyanji explained everything very clearly in a simple and easy-to-understand language. I have understood the 12th chapter of the Gita now. All thanks to Dhyanji. 🙂 – Rishika Rajkumar

Taught a major chapter No.12 and made our brains sacred ones, which was organized by our one and only Dhyanji. – P. Anandh Krishna

Gita is the golden words of Krishna. By listening to the Gita i learned how to like and love others. If any body reads Gita they will be ” INTELLECTUALLY SHARP, MENTALLY ALERT, EMOTIONALLY HAPPY AND SPRITUALLY BALANCED” – S.T.Aadithya Narayanan

I studied how to pray to God and how to be the devotee of God. The class was very interesting. I felt very happy. Now I could proudly say that I know Lord Krishna’s words. – M. Subash

Swamiji has taught the Bhagavad Gita like Krishna tells the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. It inspired me very much. – K Pari

It is a precious knowledge and I learned lots of things about the human beings, and how to live in the world in happily – Vishnu Sankar C

Every person needs to learn Gita to live happy. – K.S.Akshaya

It is a way to reach God. It has good values to be followed and teacher many ways to reach god. – A.T Amirtha devi

It is essential to live in the world and to understand what is divine. – S. Sree Sakthi

These many days I didn’t know about Gita, but when I came here I learned many things like faith, values, obeying elders and about surrendering ourselves to God. – Inesh Abisha S

One who studies about Gita becomes like Krishna. The Gita is not asking us to worship god. Swamij taught us that Gita shows us how to live. So let us all follow Gita and let us be happy in the life – Kharthick Rham M

Gita tells how to live happily, love everything. The Gita says that we should be alert at all the time. Always we should be balanced. – J.Selva Tamil Udayan

Gita taught me what true devotion is. We should see God in everything. It made me to understand how to be happy always. I am really happy to learn Gita. – Jayasudha

Gita is not only a book, it is the instruction that Lord Krishna gives us to lead a happy life. It is a guide. Lord tells us to be happy all the time and to love everything. He also tells us to keep balance when we are both criticized or praised. – Ayush R

I am really blessed to learn Gita and I will really try to be a good devotee of God. – K Gayathri

I will love everything and become a devotee of Krishna. – S Atchaya

Love is God. We want to become Love. We can attain love through meditation. We can attain meditation through understanding. The understanding is done by reading Gita. – G.Preethi

I felt very happy after learning it and it conveyed SRI KRISHNAS message about how to live a happy life, and surely I would try living according to it. – Hrishikesh . G. Menon

It is the most precious knowledge a man can get and once we live by the rules of Gita we can attain peace. – Amrtya Rajkumar