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My Life My Passion: Love for Butterflies – Balakrishna Vallapil

Balakrishna Vallapil addressed the children about his passion for butterflies. He conveyed that there are 17000 species of butterflies around the world of which, 1250 species are in India; 335 species of butterflies in the Western Ghats. He along with his teammates found the 335th species, which was added to the index two months back. He also explained the difference between a butterfly and moth and the threat to butterflies. The video clipping of the different variety of butterflies was awesome.


A very interesting man and he had captured many beautiful butterflies on camera. – Amrtya Rajkumar

Mr Balakrishnan is the butterfly expert and it was amazing how he memorized the names of most of the butterflies! – Madhav Govind

I understood our hobby should not be just to pass our precious time, even in our hobby we should do everything with full Shradha and happiness. – K Gayathri

I am going to choose my hobbies like him and achieve in my life. – S Atchaya

His speech made us appreciate butterflies. – P. Neela Sowndaravalli

From him, I understood that in India there are more than a thousand species of butterflies. – S.T.Aadithya Narayanan

After listening to his words I won’t hurt a BUTTERFLY! – M.Chithambaresh

The explanation was a little boring, but the various butterflies he showed was amazing. – Varija V

Anybody going behind butterflies is so crazy, but he taught us how to like our hobbies! – Amrutha Ramakrishna

Butterflies are very nice creatures. From now I will also explore more about butterflies – Sanjan C S

He showed us that we can concentrate on our goal and our hobby at the same time. He is a civil engineer and at the same time, he has a hobby of photographing butterflies. Finding time for the activities you like is very important. – Rishika Rajkumar

It was so funny of him to run behind butterflies leaving his family. – P. Anandh Krishna

The videos that he showed were very beautiful and awesome.
– Anoosha M. Bhadauria

Butterflies can make a person different…really! – Shivankari. P. R

I like butterflies now. I learnt how many species are in India in the Western Ghats. – P.Palani Pushpam

I can identify different varieties of butterflies now. – Greeshma P

He loved butterflies a lot just like he loved his family. Now I will also love animals just like he did. – Shantanu Sriranjan.B

It made me understand more about nature. It served as a way for me to understand about nature’s beauty. – Rahul. C. M

I have never seen a person mad at butterflies like this man. He inspired us by teaching about butterflies. – P.Surat Kumar

His great love towards butterflies and his research about them was amazing.- G. Sathiyapriya

After meeting Sir I came to know that there were 1700 species of butterflies in the world and 1250 species in India and 335 species in the Western Ghats. – B. Pavitra

He was an amazing man who had a craze for butterflies. – Chaaran . A

Even though we see them (butterflies) every day, we didn’t realize there was so much in them. It was really useful. Thanks – Srinath. S

I never thought that there will be a man with such a craze towards the butterfly 🙂 And now I know about a few butterflies because of him.. – Ajay Sarma