2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Vedic Maths workshop

Br. Rupesh, a Mechanical engineer, Professor, Amrita University, gave an interesting class on Vedic Maths. He taught the formulas by which you can even do complicated calculations in a simple way. The children loved maths!


I learned a lot of helpful tricks, which I am sure will help in my examinations and also just in my day to day life. – Vaishnavi G

We learned to do complicated multiplications in a minute.:):O – M. Kousalya

The ancient methods were taught to us. Time was not sufficient and we learned only a few methods, but we wanted more. From this, we could say that our ancestors were extraordinarily brilliant. – K.Jayapreethi

I did have fun solving Math in a simpler way. I never thought that Math could be made so simple, that was really helpful. I will apply this in my Math and also help out my friends. – Mrinalini Ashok

Vedic Maths taught us that this toughest subject could be made very easy. – G. Sathiyapriya

I learned the shortcuts to do difficult sums in Mathematics in an easier way. His teachings inspired me a lot. – A.Madavan

I really say that I don’t like Maths. When I came to know about it I didn’t want to attend the class. Then I went and saw it was nice and I enjoyed a lot. They taught new shortcut methods to solve the problems. – Yamini Vijayakumar

Was the best!! Enhanced my speed in Math calculations! Loved it a lot. I’m sure I will be able to save a lot of time for my Math calculations. The mind can be trained very well if we practice all the Sutras regularly!! – Chitkala S

Vedic Maths was a very interesting and interactive session. I was very happy that I was going to learn some new and interesting tricks to solve Maths as Maths is a very tough subject to most of us. It is a mental exercise. I want to thanks Rupeshji for making us like Mathematics, which our teachers could not do for 12yrs. We all will like to have these types of sessions every time. – Amrutha Ramakrishna

I usually don’t like Maths. It helped me a lot and I now no longer feel Maths is boring. It was made fantastic by giving simple methods. – Divya.R

I think from now onwards Maths will be an interesting subject for others. We learned many extraordinary Sutras by which we could do Maths easily. – Sanjan C S

Maths was tough for me previously but it has become somewhat easy for me after this session. – A.Sivaramakrishnan

I would always doze off in Math classes but this was superb and truly great! – P. Anandh Krishna

A very different but amazing way of doing fast calculations!! – Amrtya Rajkumar

In this very useful workshop, we learned how to calculate numbers really fast and it helped us a lot and saved us a lot of marks. – Madhav Govind

I am really proud that we Indians were very advanced even in those centuries in Maths. – K Gayathri

We came to know the shortcuts used in Maths for easy calculations, which was introduced by Shri. Bharathi Krishna Tirtharaj. – G Preethi

Before coming here I was weak in Maths. I can do Math calculations easily after this session. – Jeeva.s

I am always weak in Mathematics but Vedic Maths was easy for me. Now I am having trust in myself that I can do some sums more easily. – M. Ieniyan

The Vedic Maths session was really interesting. I had seen videos about Vedic Maths, but Swamiji enlightened us to new things and made us realize the importance of our own country and the way mathematics was developed in ancient times. Thanks to Swamiji for the session. – Srinath. S

I enjoyed as well as learned a lot of things. All might have thought Maths is tough. After attending this session I felt it was very easy to solve problems and I learned some tricks to solve them. – M.J.Subashini.

I am so afraid in Maths examination because there is not enough time for me. Now I have no fear in Maths exams because I learned Vedic Maths and Mental Maths. Thank you. – M.Jegan