2013 Bala Workshops 13Bala

Story telling by Subba Rao

Subba Rao told stories to children in the evenings. He told stories of Mahabharata and other folk tales.


I heard many untold stories of the Mahabharata. – Amrtya Rajkumar
The people here in Gitamritam really did an amazing job by getting the great Mr Subba Rao to come and tell us a lot of enchanting tales which transported us into a different world. It was just fantastic, this was definitely one of my favourite workshops. – Madhav Govind

Storytelling was not like ordinary stories. It conveys a value from Gita. – Jeeva. S

He spoke very well. I like him very much because of his simplicity. – M. Subash

I learned many new stories. I hope that these stories will help in my future. – Inesh Abisha S

A story is the one which all of us children like to hear the most, that too with lots of expressions and sound effect given by him was like the story was going in front of us. – Amrutha Ramakrishna

Each of us likes stories very much. The growth of technology made us forget this but he made it fantastic by sharing inspiring stories. – Divya. R

We came across many historical stories. In this session, it brought a homely feeling to us. – Sanjan C S

It was amazing to have the editor of Amar Chitra Katha tell us stories. I am sure that all of us enjoyed this session. – Rishika Rajkumar

This was a great session, I have heard stories when I was small but now when hearing I enjoyed a lot. – Athmika Prajesh

It was so great that we were able to know even some of the hidden facts in MAHABHARATA and many other stories. He explained it in such a way that we became more curious to know about all our Indian mythology. – Rahul. C. M
Subba Rao sir’s stories were interesting. He has a vast knowledge. I liked his scientific explanations for some strange things in the Puranas. I loved it. – K.Jayapreethi
Historical stories always gave me a lot of information. Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle are always awesome and he was the narrator. He did amaze us with all his stories. I loved his humbleness and simplicity. – Mrinalini Ashok
I like stories very much. I usually sleep after hearing my grandmother’s story. I really enjoyed this session. Thank you Ji! – Dheeraj Nandakumar .R
I like to hear stories when I am free. This is the first time I enjoyed the Purana stories. – M.S.Yazhini

We heard a lot of moral stories from Mahabharatha and Buddha’s life. These stories have changed my character. – A.Madavan
I liked the stories told by Shri. Subba Rao. We liked his expressions while telling the story. – S.Sabarinath
It was a superb session done by Subba Rao sir. He taught us many values through his amazing stories. – K.S.Megha

Subba Raoji was the storyteller He told wonderful stories which took us into two kinds of worlds 1) story world 2) thinking world.
He also told Mahabaratha stories. I learnt from him that age is not a restriction if you have talent. – S.Aishwarya

We loved the stories told by him. It was great to hear ancient stories of our India. From this, we came to know about the glory of India. – Chaaran . A

An interesting way to sleep in class. We learned many new stories and each story had a value to offer us. I am going to miss storytime. – Bharath Biju

The storytelling class by Subba Raoji was interesting. He knew the way to attract children and we really enjoyed it. And I came to know many things about the Mahabharata which I haven’t even read about. Thanks to Subba Raoji for sparing his time. I can now proudly tell my friends that Amar Chitra Katha’s editor has told stories to me! – Srinath. S