Health & Hygiene – Workshop

Health & Hygiene – Workshop by Dr Rahul Lakshman & Dr. Lakshmi R Lashman

Dr. Rahul Lakshman and Dr. Lakshmi R Lakshman Began the session with the WHO definition of health and stressed upon the importance of social and spiritual well being which is often ignored.
He mentioned different types of sufferings an individual undergoes and explained the contributions of India in the field of medicine.

Enlisting the essentials of heath they stressed upon the importance of both external as well as internal hygiene that include hygiene of body, mind and karmic.
Dr. Lakshmi, being a dyslexia patient, demonstrated her ability to communicate effectively in spite of flaw in language and grammar and the couple showed the ideal understanding between them.

Children also learned how harmful the chemicals used in the cosmetics and fast food and the toxins they release that can bring the molecular changes and gave the importance of satwik food against rajasik and tamasik foods.

For the girl students there was a very useful interactive session about their personal problems associated with health and hygiene.


They taught us how to avoid diseases and remain healthy and clean. – Tejas V, Karwar