2013 Bala Yoga & Meditation 13Bala

Meditation: Exploring Love

All these 7 days there was meditation sessions. Through these guided meditation sessions children were given an opportunity to explore themselves.


This was a very spiritual activity which helped reduce stress, make us happy and make us more peaceful. – Madhav Govind

I learned how to attain peace of mind. – Jayasudha

I love silence very much. I loved to meditate. – Ayush R

I don’t find words to explain it. It will be very helpful for me to control my anger. – K Gayathri

Meditation pushed my mind towards peace and silence. S Atchaya

We want to become love. Love is God. We can attain love through meditation. – G.Preethi

I have got self-control, confidence etc., after doing meditation. – Jeeva.s

I usually don’t like to meditate, but after coming here I am liking it. – S. Sree Sakthi

It is very useful to me when I am stressed. It also improves my concentration. – R. Kowsanth Kalidas

Very nice. Made me calmer. I can feel its effect. – Chitkala S

Dyana is beautiful. It was inexplicable and I felt refreshed. – Divyadayanand

We experienced another world when we were meditating. It took us to the olden days Gurukulam -the scenery, the cool breeze and the instructions of Dhyanji. It was superb. – Varija. V

I came to know that peace of mind is in meditation. – Divya.R

‘Meditation’, the word is only wonderful to hear, when we get into the world of meditation. – Sanjan C. S
Earlier, I used to always wonder what meditation actually is. In my school, they just ask us to close our eyes with our backs straight. But because of this camp, I have understood what meditation is. I found it very peaceful. – Rishika Rajkumar

Before coming to this camp I didn’t know how to meditate. But I have learned perfect meditation. – P.Palani Pushpam

I was able to concentrate more after meditation. – Greeshma P

It is something which enabled me to understand more about my body. It increased my concentration power. – Rahul. C. M

Through meditation I got confidence, concentration and self control. – Amrita S

It helped us to improve our concentration and Shraddha. – Ramakrishnan P.S

It helped to relieve stress and to keep the mind fresh and happy. – P.Surat Kumar

We had a relaxed mind throughout the camp. Thank you Swamiji. – R.Saranya

It was actually very hard as it needed more concentration to think just about the present. But it was an attempt, this has now improved our focus. – K.Jayapreethi

We hardly find peace anywhere these days, but meditation was like a feel-good factor and did give a lot of energy. – Mrinalini Ashok

It makes me to control my mind. – Dheeraj Nandakumar.R

This practice was to help concentrate. It was very wonderful. – M.Rithikaa

Meditation is the thing which help us concentrate more. – M.S.Yazhini

While we were doing meditation we could observe various sounds and yet it gave a pleasant mind. – S.Abitha Shree

Meditation is good for health and I enjoyed it much. – Sangeetha.M.T

Meditation helped me to relax my mind, reduce my anger, and my sorrow. Meditation gave me a good feeling. – K.R. Dhanush

It helped me to concentrate about only one thing. It helps to concentrate only on the work I do. – A.Madavan

I did not have an interest to do meditation and I could not sit in one place for 5 minutes. After attending this camp I have atleast a little interest. – B. Pavitra

Meditation class made me to know how to control my breath. After attending this camp I have decided to do meditation in my home in the early morning. – S.Aishwarya

In this session we came to know about happiness it was silent. – Chaaran. A

It actually improved my patience. We understood that we had to learn to control anger which would help us in the future. – Bharath Biju

It is very useful, helping me to concentrate and even if I go out of this camp I won’t stop doing meditation. – Srinivasa Raghavan S

Through this session we came to know how peace of mind is obtained. We will ensure that we will practice it daily. – Shree Rengan.S

The meditation conducted by Swamiji before the Gita classes helped us to concentrate our mind in the class and grasp fully what Swamiji is teaching us. Thanks. – Srinath. S

It was a calm session. I will practice the same in my home also. – N.M.Tharani taran

While during meditation we were so silent and we also attained shradha. – Hari chandhana varma

Just after the camp I found the real meaning of meditation. – Ajay Sarma

We went on a trip to forest and we meditated. The scenery, pure air made me enjoy it. – K.S.Mahalaakshmie

I think Krishna wrote my name in his devotees list. – Mahadevan K